Who is Tim Bolen?

Professionally, there are two parts to "Tim Bolen."  There is Tim Bolen the Consumer Advocate, and Tim Bolen the Crisis Management Consultant.  The second led to the first.

The Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter is read by people all over the world.  Current estimates say that there are about 200,000 consistent readers.  And it is growing.  Tim Bolen (that's me) is a Consumer Advocate based in California who provides "Opinion" on health care issues.  My primary interest is in the war between "health" and "medicine," or more properly described as "cure" and "treatment."  I am most definitely biased toward "health" and "cure." 

I oppose maintenance of the status quo in health care.  Strongly.  I never hesitate to point out WHO it is that is involved in suppression, and why I think they do it.  One of my primary interests is the machinations of a group that self-describes itself as the "quackbusters," who would have everyone believe that they are "fighting quackery."  However, careful investigation, and documents provided to me tell a different story - that, in short, the "quackbusters" are a drug industry funded attack group designed, and operated, solely for the purpose of damaging, or destroying, competitors to the deadly drugs/surgery status quo. 

The "quackbuster" operation, according to documents provide to me, was organized, and funded, by twenty-six (mostly foreign owned) drug companies around the time that the American Medical Association (AMA) lost it's battle in Federal Court against the Chiropractors in the Wilk v. AMA case.  The AMA was ordered, at that time,. to STOP its covert attack against competing health professions. I have reason to believe that, currently, the real "quackbuster" operation is being run out of a New York ad agency - one that controls the advertising placements, and advertising budgets, of major drug companies.  I have reason to believe that certain government employees, at Federal, State, and Local levels have been subverted, and recruited, with payment, by the "quackbusters," to act, in a subversive manner, against the best interests of Americans.


How do I know these things?  Where do I get the information that forms my "Opinions?"

I, Tim Bolen, am, by profession a "Crisis Management Consultant" in the health industry.  Clients for my business are those usually under assault by some government agency.  My business card "JuriMed - Public Relations & Research Group," besides giving contact information, states "Strategies for government besieged health professionals..."  My partner, in this business, is my wife of thirty-eight (38) years, Jan Bolen.

Our business is in designing strategies, and tactics, to not only survive an unwarranted attack, but to make good use of the situation to achieve long-term goals.  I take a hard look at those government employees who are attacking