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Opinion Pieces - by Tim Bolen

These are some of the Opinion Pieces the "quackbusters," (especially Stephen Barrett) are in a RAGE over.  Barrett threatens to sue anyone who posts them on their website, or re-posts them to news groups.   I wonder why?....

On this page, each article has ONLY the introduction.  To read the entire article click on the title...

Monday, May 28th, 2007 -Time is running out for Stephen Barrett ( and Terry Polevoy  (Canada's low-budget, with garish colors, version of Barrett).  They've got until about June 3rd, 2007 to come up with $433,715.93 in bonds - $264,311.68 for Polevoy alone, and $169,404.25 from Barret and Polevoy, and hand them to the Judge in an Alameda County, California Courthouse.  Or else.

If, and when, they don't do that, (and I don't expect them to do this), they're pretty much "toast," and the brutal court ordered "Collection Process" will begin in earnest.  Asset seizures, bank account grabs, forced sale of properties, garnishment of wages and accounts, etc. all will play a role in the coming days. 

Frankly, it will all be great fun to watch.

By Charles G. Brown, National Counsel, Consumers For Dental Choice

Monday, May 21st, 2007 - The tipping point against mercury fillings, my friends, has arrived.  A dentist magazine surveyed its dentist readers, and finds that 52% of American dentists now are mercury-free   Wow.  

This new dentist majority brings colossal ramifications upon America ’s protectors of mercury fillings -- the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration.  

ABC Coding Solutions launches

 By Edward Johnson, PhD , President ABC Coding Solutions

Monday, May 21st, 2007 - A Note to US Health Care Practitioners - After years of coding and system development, legal logic research, wrangling with our federal Department of Health and Human Services, and politicking, ABC Coding Solutions has launched, the tool that ties together the code and logic into a seamless system.  

ABC has done their share of work to help you; now we ask you to step up to the plate and help solve our US healthcare crisis. You are trained, you are experienced, many of you are licensed – why aren’t you part of the solution? 

Gerson Documentary Humiliates "Quackbusters"...

Monday, May 21st, 2007 - I almost spilled my cup of jasmine tea,  I was laughing so hard.

I had just been viewing the first part of a DVD video documentary called "Dying to Have Known," and  I had to stop the thing right there, and rewind, to see if what I had just seen really had happened.  Yup, it did.  So I stopped it again, went and got my wife Jan and said "You've got to come and watch this."  It's worth re-playing again and again.

Codex Adventures in Ottawa

By Cheri Tips - Executive Director - National Health Federation (NHF)

Thursday, May 10th, 2007 - 35th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (Ottawa, Canada)   April 30 - May 4, 2007

The National Health Federation (NHF) has International Nongovernmental Organization (INGO) observer status at all Codex Alimentarius meetings and represents the interests of health-conscious consumers.  There were numerous countries and other INGOs present, interested in various matters from labeling of genetically-modified foods to the labeling of organic foods. Importantly, too, the subject of the FAO/WHO's Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health was discussed. 

Does aspartame multiply female MS? - New Study report at Neurology Conference...

By:  Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder - Mission Possible International

Monday, May 7th, 2007 - About 400,000 people in the US are victims of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a horrible autoimmune disease that devastates the central nervous system.

At the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting, Dr. Gary Cutter, professor of Biostatistics at the University of Alabama, said women are now four times as likely as men to get multiple sclerosis: “It started at two-to-one and is now four-to-one.”  Researchers found the ratio of women-to-men is increasing by about 50 percent each decade.

The increase is more pronounced in younger people with young women especially contracting it at an accelerating rate.  

The Mushroom Cloud that caused Autism

Opinion by: Kenneth Stoller, MD, FAAP with Anne McElroy Dachel

In the first article in this series on autism, a mercurial finger was pointed at the high level of mercury children received from their vaccines and the huge upswing in the autism rate. It was noted that the background level of mercury pollution from coal-fire power plants and other sources (such as dental amalgam) was so high that one in every six women in the US has a level of mercury in her body high enough to affect her children’s health.  The cost to society of these affected children amounts to billions of dollars annually, and the ultimate cost of caring for all those disabled will cost trillions. Lastly, the point was made that this isn’t so much about autism as it is about the future of human life on this planet if we don’t stop mercury pollution.

Concerning the issue of autism, the press has failed to present both sides in the heated debate over a possible link between vaccines and this devastating disorder.  The last word is often given to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, without any mention of the vast web of conflict of interest ties between CDC employees and the pharmaceutical industry.

The studies produced by the CDC and others haven’t ended the controversy.  The results from published population studies come under attack each time officials think they have the convincing science to settle the issue.

Court Orders Quackbusters Barrett and Polevoy to Post $433,715.93 Bond...

.Thursday, May 2nd, 2007 - The "quackbuster" organization is learning a very HARD lesson about the reality of the US legal system.  And, I'm very pleased. 

They're learning, in the most humiliating, and financially devastating way, that US Courts don't want the system abused to harass those that the "quackbusters" don't like. 

In the Barrett v. Clark case, today, an order was issued for Plaintiffs Terry Polevoy MD, and Stephen Barrett MD, to come up with a grand total of $433,715.93 in bonds - $264,311.68 for Polevoy alone, and $169,404.25 from Barret and Polevoy - within thirty days. Barrett runs the questionable website ""  Polevoy is kind of the Canadian low-budget copy of Barrett, with garish colors.

US Supreme Court Upholds "Ongom"  - Quackbuster "Plan of '96" Foiled...

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 - The New York ad agency that actually runs the US "quackbuster" operation has to be, this week, taking extra blood-pressure medication, avoiding telephone calls from angry clients demanding to know why the "Plan of '96" isn't going to work as promised, anymore.

Why?  Because the State of Washington took the "Ongom" decision to the US Supreme Court and that Court UPHELD the Washington Supreme Court decision.  This is very good for cutting-edge heath professionals, and very bad for those trying to stop innovation in health care.

For years, nationwide in the US, State Health Boards (Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Psychology, Physical Therapy, etc.), and others, would get offers from the "quackbuster" scam operation to "help them prosecute cutting-edge health practitioners - for a fee."   The "package deal" would include services to help set up the case, write the formal "Accusation" in the most flaming language possible, distribute the "Accusation," with commentary, to the Press so as to ruin the practitioner publicly,  and testify as an "expert witness" in the hearing.  For the "quackbuster" front-men it became quite a lucrative cottage industry.

Throwing children into oncoming traffic: The truth about Autism

By: Kenneth Stoller, MD, FAAP with Anne McElroy Dachel

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007 - I have been a practicing pediatrician for over 20 years. I saw my first child with autism in the early 90’s – before that I had never seen an autistic child, and I never saw an autistic child in all my years at school. The boy was 4 years old and you could see the frustration in his face as he wanted to speak but nothing intelligible would come from his mouth except shrieks of anguish.  

As I studied his tortured face, it was as if there was an old time telephone switchboard operator inside his head trying to plug in the correct phone cables but not being able to complete the call. This family had known me from an old practice I worked at in another city, but they had traveled to see me because they trusted me and were looking for answers that no one seemed to have for them, but I too had no answers and I could see the mom was greatly disappointed. After the family left my office I poured over a few dusty textbooks and wondered if I had just seen a very rare disorder, a disorder that affected one child in 10,000 children…autism.  

I had been involved in pediatrics for a decade by the time I saw this boy and it wasn’t as if I had no experience working with rare disorders. I had been able to identify a boy with Fragile-X syndrome and his mom ending up starting the Fragile-X support group at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.  

I had noticed there was a strange upswing in children with attention disorders and impulsivity problems. I wasn’t a neurologist, but had studied with one of the finest at UCLA. While I was still a pediatric resident I spent time in his office where he helped me study the parade of unusual maladies that was starting to afflict children. I considered myself a closet neurologist, because that was what I had really wanted to specialize in – not pediatrics, but during my neurology rotation in medical school I learned some discouraging news. The attending neurologist, whom I greatly admired, had taken me on rounds for the first time and I watched him brilliantly explain to the family of a stroke patient how he had figured out where in the brain the blood clot had lodged. Then he stood up and walked out of the room and I asked him what therapy he was going to prescribe for the patient so he could recover from his stroke, “therapy?” he said, “there is no therapy.”  

Pennsylvania Dental Board Approves Cavitat Device, NICO - Dumps Quackbusters...

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 - Public agencies have relied on the "quackbuster" operation for expertise in health care issues far too long.  The time when an agency could fly some "quackbuster" bozo in for a hearing, have them testify to nonsense for a few hours, and stuff them back on a plane, fat check in hand, with the sure knowledge they had a "win" is long gone.  The State of Pennsylvania Chief Counsel's office and the Pennsylvania Dental Board found that out the hard way, over almost a three year period, in the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Stephen R. Evans, DDS" case. 

The case, which began in 2003, upon the complaint of one of the "quackbuster" nitwits, dragged through Administrative hearings, Superior Court, and back to Administrative hearing, then finally found its way back to the Dental Board - with Orders from the Superior Court AND an Administrative Law Judge to decide, completely, and unarguably, on behalf of the Respondent Stephen R. Evans DDS.

US FDA:  Maybe It's Time for the Hercules Solution...

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007 - In Greek mythology, Aegeas, the king of Elis, had a vast herd of cattle.  The stables in which they were kept hadn't been cleaned in 30 years. By then it was impossible to clean them and the resulting stench was unbearable.  Hercules, who had been assigned 12 stupendous tasks ("the Labours of Hercules") to be performed in atonement for a crime he had supposedly committed, came on the scene. One of those tasks was to clean the Aegean stables. Hercules did the job in one day by diverting a river to flow thorough the King’s stables.

The phrase "clean the Aegean stables" now means to clear away an accumulated mass of corruption – physical, moral, ethical, legal...

The stench at the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is unbearable.  The FDA, designed to regulate certain industries in the US, has been taken over, in its entirety, by those industries, who operate the agency for their own benefit.  There is no argument against this statement.    At FDA the tail is wagging the dog.  Americans are being regulated by industries.  It's the way it is.

Quackbuster Attorney "Suffers the Consequences"...

Sunday, April 8th, 2007 - The US "quackbuster" operation, perhaps one of the slimiest groups on Planet Earth, sank to a new low this last few weeks when they, apparently, abandoned their own attorney, Christopher Grell, leaving him, perhaps, in financial, and professional ruin. 

Hundreds of pages of Court documents show the depth of Grell's desperation.

This coming Tuesday, April 11th, 2007, at 2:00PM, a hearing will be held in Oakland Superior Court in California to determine Grell's ability to pay the costs of his, and two "quackbuster" manipulators, delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, and Canadian pimple doctor Terry Polevoy's failed courtroom assault.  Court documents indicate that neither Barrett nor Polevoy, outspoken throughout the case, are willing to pay their share of the Court imposed costs.  My estimates show that the trio might have to pay out about $200,000 in legal fees to their victim/Defendant Ilena Rosenthal and her legal team. 

FDA "Backs Down(?)" Over Deadly Mercury Amalgams... .

Monday, March 19th, 2007 - One of the biggest scandals in American health care is coming to a head this March 27th, 2007.  In the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, a case, called "Moms Against Mercury, et al., v. FDA" will get its time in the sunlight, and the Defendant, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) isn't doing well in its Defense.

The case is simple.  Citizens are suing the FDA for NOT, during the last THIRTY YEARS, ruling on the safety, or danger, of mercury amalgam tooth fillings.  The Plaintiffs want mercury amalgam tooth fillings banned completely, and forever.

And, the FDA has virtually no defense..

Why EVERY US Health Practitioner Needs to Use ABC Codes RIGHT NOW...

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 - Every practitioner in the United States knows that the current US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) billing code system doesn't work.  A whole industry has sprung up around the simple fact that it doesn't work, trying desperately to keep practitioners out of trouble when they attempt to wend their way through the billing miasma.

And, a miasma it is.

Worse, is that the system, cumbersome and confusing, has been contracted out, region by region, to insurance companies - and not necessarily "health" insurance companies, for management.  In Los Angeles, for instance, several years ago, when a billing person in a practitioner's office called "Medicare" on the telephone to get assistance, the phone was answered by an employee of a Title Insurance Company.

US Medicare has NO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. None.  It is all contracted out.

Victory Bells to RING at Health Freedom Expo Long Beach...

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 - The North American Health Freedom Movement (NAHFM) is charging through health care issues like General Dwight David Eisenhower smashed through Europe after D-Day on June 6th, 1944.

All over the United States, and Canada, health freedom assault armies are ripping the existing health systems to rags, and demanding REAL health care NOW.  Ten US Senators, last week, sent a letter to President George W. Bush, demanding change RIGHT NOW - and Bush responded pretty much by saying "sounds good to me - let's do it."

What was key in the Ten Senators' letter, to the NAHFM was the six items demanded by the Senators.  Numbers four, five, and six came right out of the NAHFM guidebook. 

But this coming weekend, in Long Beach, March 2, 3, 4, 2007, at the Health Freedom Expo, won't just be a celebration, it'll be a gathering of the forces, planning the next waves.  And, it'll be a chance for the movement to get together and see, and hear, each other.  The public is invited.

Courts Seize "Quackbuster" Bank Accounts, Property...

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 - A few days ago, Christopher Grell, one of the Plaintiffs, and the attorney for the Plaintiffs Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy , filed an emergency Ex Parte Motion with the Alameda, California Trial Court in the Barrett v. Clark (Rosenthal) case asking for a Temporary Restraining Order preventing Defendant Rosenthal from collecting attorney fees awarded to Rosenthal by the Courts.  The Court denied the Motion,  and "collection" has begun in earnest.

Rosenthal, you will remember, in a six year legal battle, soundly thrashed the trio all the way to the California Supreme Court.  Rosenthal, the head of the Humantics Foundation, a group pointing out the dangers of silicone breast implants, had been sued by the trio in 2000 where they claimed she was some sort of conspirator supposedly defaming them on the internet.  Rosenthal, in her answer to the suit, filed a Motion to Dismiss the suit against her claiming that the trio's action constituted a violation of California's anti-SLAPP law.  The Court agreed, dismissing the case against Rosenthal, and awarded her attorney fees.

The Barrett v. Clark (Rosenthal) case garnered international notice when virtually ALL of the big names on the internet jumped in on Rosenthal's side, filing "Friend of the Court" Briefs on Rosenthal's behalf.  You can read all about that by clicking on "Quackbusters CRUSHED by California Supreme Court..."

But the really good part of all this, the one that makes me smile broadly, is that California's anti-SLAPP law, designed for just this sort of situation, worked just like it was designed.

Ten US Senators say:  "We want to fix health care NOW..."

Thursday, February 15th, 2007 - Ten US Senators, two days ago, wrote a bi-partisan letter to President George W. Bush saying:

"Each of us believes our current health system needs to be fixed now. Further delay is unacceptable as costs continue to skyrocket, our population ages, and chronic illness increases. In addition, our businesses are at a severe disadvantage when their competitors in the global market get health care for “free.”"

I'm going to say this once again - Nobody even tries to hide the fact that the US Health Care System is broken beyond repair.  There is a lot of finger-pointing going on, as well there should be.  The US health care system costs too much, it's the top three killers of Americans, and Americans don't trust it.  It simply doesn't work.

Who's fault is this?  Blame lies solidly with the management of the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).  Current management is incapable of dealing with health care problems.  It has set up a US Health Care system that doesn't work, and has no chance of ever working.

Why is this happening?  Because Congress gave DHHS authority over the "structure" of US Health Care and DHHS management can't see "the big picture".    Every day we sink deeper into the hole.

Why is the US Health Care System Failing? - Incompetent Management at DHHS...

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 - Nobody even tries to hide the fact that the US Health Care System is broken beyond repair.  There is a lot of finger-pointing going on, as well there should be.  The US health care system costs too much, it's the top three killers of Americans, and Americans don't trust it.  It simply doesn't work.

Who's fault is this?  Blame lies solidly with the management of the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).  Current management is incapable of dealing with health care problems.  It has set up a US Health Care system that doesn't work, and has no chance of ever working.

Why is this happening?  Because Congress gave DHHS authority over the "structure" of US Health Care and DHHS management can't see "the big picture".    Every day we sink deeper into the hole.

When you are incapable of identifying the problem - you cannot provide solution. DHHS management has been told, repeatedly, what the problem is.  They just don't get it.

We can solve America's health problems quickly if we just do a house cleaning at the top of DHHS.  It was Laurence J. Peter, in his book "The Peter Principle" that pointed out to all of us that "in a hierarchy everyone rises to their level of incompetency."  That's clearly obvious at DHHS.

Quackwatch "Defamation" Verdicts Could Reach Many Tens of Millions of US Dollars...

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 - Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, of infamy, announced to his followers (Barrett's Parrots) last week that: "During the next few days, my sites will be changing servers. It's possible that the healthfraud list will be disrupted during the switch."

Barrett critics are concerned about this situation - for several reasons.  The questions are: (1)  Is Barrett moving his, etc., servers out of reach of the US Court System after recent Courtroom losses?   (2) Is Barrett moving his, etc., servers out of reach of the US Court System after the  barrage of newly files legal actions naming him, and his, as the Defendants? (3)   Is Barrett moving his servers out of US Court Jurisdiction to avoid answering legal demands for "discovery" of information on his websites?

All of the above are possible, but even more likely is this:   Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have "Terms of Service" requirements.  Every one I've ever seen has rules about not defaming others.  Barrett's ISP may simply have ousted him, and his sleazy offering, when Barrett refused to remove the offensive material.

Anti-Quackwatch "Defamation" Litigation ROARS Forward...

Thursday, February 1st, 2007 - It's not easy, these days, being a "quackbuster."   What with the (1) public humiliation surrounding recent High Court decisions (2)  rejection by the US Court System of "quackbuster" "expert witnesses," (3)  pointed questioning of "quackbuster" credentials  (3) internet, and other successful public challenges, of the quacker's activities, and much more, the "quackbusters"  have really fallen on hard times.

The "quackbuster"  flagship, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), sank beneath the waves in 2003, after the NCAHF lost several lawsuits in California including (1)  the NCAHF v. King Bio case - where delicensed MD Stephen Barrett and Wallace Sampson MD, the author of the presumptuous "Scientific Review of alternative and Aberrant Medicine" were officially declared to be "biased, and unworthy of credibility,"  (2)  in a separate action the NCAHF was tagged with over $100,000 in attorney fees they can't pay, and (3)  The NCAHF lost their 501C(3) non-profit status in California. 

It appears that, now, the NCAHF is run out of  cardboard box in the back room of Robert Baratz's, it's President-For-life, hair removal salon in Peabody, Massachusetts.  Apparently, no NCAHF Board meetings have been held since 2003 - and there are none planned.

But those problems seem to be just stage dressing for the beleaguered group.  It's the currently lawsuits filed against them, and those they can't extricate themselves from, that tell the real story - and they tell the story with flair.

Quackbusters "On the Ropes?"...

Friday, January 26th, 2007 - Top "quackbuster"  Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS PhD was forcibly removed as a witness in a California case recently after it was pointed out to the State of California that Baratz was a not quite what he claims to be.  Cases all over the United States, originally initiated by "quackbusters" , are being dropped by State agencies - like hot potatoes. 

Why?  Probably because "the word is out" about the "quackbusters"  - and no State agency, and certainly no individual medical or dental board member wants the personal liability attached to using fake witnesses.  It was probably the Massachusetts v. Satloff case, and its outcome, where the Massachusetts Dental board called special meetings to drop all charges against Satloff that started the decline.  In that case Satloff sued the Dental Board, the State prosecutor, the Administrative Law Judge, and others for violating his right to due process for using Baratz as a witness..  When confronted with the reality the Massachusetts State Dental Board called two separate special meetings canceling the case and promising never to come after Satloff again.

In Washington State, as you read this, health activists are storming the Governor's office, the State Auditor's office, and the State legislature, demanding explanations, and details about, the State's relationship with the "quackbuster"s.   Legislators are responding with new legislation to protect cutting-edge practitioners. 

Quackbuster Citadel Crumbling - They Face Massive Litigation...

Sunday, December 31st, 2006 - The conventional healthcare system in the US, rated 72nd in quality but first in cost by the World Health Organization, (WHO) and declared in the authoritative study "Death by Medicine" to be the number one killer of Americans is finally beginning to suffer the consequences of its policies.

 Americans are challenging, not just the concept of "five minute medicine," but the absurdity of the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs," approach to dealing with health issues.

Everywhere in the land, the health care system is being challenged.  State legislatures, like California and others, are so fed up with the greedy-maw-with-trash-offering of organized health-care, that many are considering forcing health care into State-run systems, in an attempt to force some honesty and integrity into the morass.  Consumer groups across America are railing over health issues, loudly, proclaiming their anger at vaccinations infested with pollutants and toxins, deadly radioactive fluoride in their water, testing of their children in schools to justify forced drugging, and more.

There is a major revolution brewing in the US, and the pot is at boil.  There is no question America is angry - and well it should be, for the rip-off has been of major proportion, and its time to point fingers and issue arrest warrants.

Washington State Supreme Court SMASHES Quackbuster "Plan of '96"...

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 - The Washington State Supreme Court, in its wisdom, a few days ago (December 14th, 2006), literally, for all time, smashed the New York ad agency run "quackbuster" operation's effort to use individual State Administrative hearings to destroy innovation in health care in favor of the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs"  medical monopoly.  The sleazy "Plan of '96" has been thwarted.

Cutting-edge health professionals around the US can breathe a sigh of relief, for the method of attack derived from the filth-encrusted "Plan of '96" has been declared to be unacceptable by the High Court.  And, State Supreme Court decisions carry weight in every area of the US.

I'm proud to be a member, and a leader, in the North American Health Freedom Movement (NAHFM).  In the thirteen years I've been active I've seen massive wins against which might, at one time, have seemed like insurmountable odds.  The movement has so many victories, almost daily, they can't all be nationally documented.  There are, simply, so many activists charging at issues I couldn't begin to meet with all of the groups. 

Quackbusters Under MASSIVE Attack in Washington State....

Sunday, November 26th, 2006 - Years ago the people of Washington State passed legislation protecting their cutting-edge health practitioners from the constant attacks wrought on them by the "status quo."  The people of Washington, quite rightly, decided that the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs" paradigm was woefully inadequate, and they set up the mechanism to allow much better health offerings.  Washington's "Health Freedom Law" was, for years the envy of other States.  It created laws that said:

California Legislature Votes to Kill the Health Insurance Industry....

Sunday, November 26th, 2006 - There is a war on in the United States over health care.  On one side is the "status quo" represented by the medical monopoly, the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance carriers, and an entrenched bureauracracy wholly beholden to, and run by, the people they are supposed to regulate. 

The US system, according to the World Health Organization, is rated 72nd in quality, but number one in cost, worldwide.  The "Death by Medicine" study shows that the system itself is the number one killer of Americans.  The number two and three killers of Americans are heart disease and cancer, diseases which those of us outside of the "status quo" know are curable, and preventable - but those cures and preventive treatments are being suppressed by agents of the "status quo."

On the other side is a beleaguered America simply trying to find ways to survive

Tim Bolen - Where've You Been?...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Monday, November 23rd, 2006 - I've received a lot of inquiries about my newsletter's absence over the last several months.  Where've I been?  Right here, trying to figure out who, and how, someone was messing with my newsletter broadcasts - and what to do about it. 

Activist groups across America - beware.  This is going to happen to you. 

I've had several VERY IMPORTANT articles to broadcast for months now - and I suspect I was blocked because of those articles.  It wasn't that big of a secret that I was working on these exposes.  A lot of people knew. 

In short, one of the strangest, and most "secret" groups I've ever come across, a group I call "the Ku Klux Klan of the internet," decided to block my broadcasts because they didn't like what I had to say.  They decided to falsely label me as a  "spammer" so that tens of thousands of Internet Service providers (ISPs) would block my broadcasts to my subscribers. 

Anger in Indiana - The "Cal Streeter" Story Batters State...

Monday, June 26th, 2006 - On May 31st, 2006, in this newsletter, I revealed some details about a project I've been working on for a while.  In that article, called the "The Cal Streeter Story..." I talked about "one of the most important cases in US healthcare, an assault, and a turning point..."

The "Cal Streeter Story" is ripping health care regulation apart in Indiana - and it needs to be ripped apart.  A few months ago, for instance, an Indiana Court ordered the State Medical Board, using VERY STRONG language, to restore Streeter's license to practice medicine IMMEDIATELY.  The Board, clearly defying the Indiana Court, waited a full ninety days (90) to restore the license, then filed an Appeal with the State Appellate Court over the restoration order. 

The State Appeals Court rejected the Medical Board's appeal rather abruptly - refusing, as it were, to even look at the Board's case, making it clear that, no matter what the Board, itself, thinks, or wants, "the law is the law..."

So, in the end, what this means is that, the Indiana State Medical Board had absolutely no right, what-so-ever, to even question Cal Streeter's ability to practice medicine over the issues they presented.  The Indiana Courts have spoken. 

But now, in response, the PEOPLE of Indiana are beginning to speak loudly.  And, the questions they are asking are all about "how" this happened to their doctor, and "who" was it that abused the Indiana regulatory system, "what" was it they actually did to manipulate the system, "where," exactly did this manipulation take place.  Most importantly, the question "why" comes to the forefront - as in "who gained" from this anti-Streeter action - and THAT question-line is just beginning.

US HealthCare System Implodes - "Health Freedom" is Here...

Thursday, June 8th, 2006 - The US healthcare system  is falling in on itself, and it is about time.  Change is in the air, and it won't take long.  Rated 72nd in quality worldwide - but number one in cost, it has become the number one killer of Americans. 

American industry, quietly, over the last few years, took the Bush Administration by the throat, so-to-speak, and demanded, and got, legislation moving consumer health choices out of the hands of the mega-greedy health insurance industry and into the hands of those same consumers.

US Industry did this, not just to put a stop to the health insurance industry's "low quality at high price" offerings, but to protect US Industry's ability to compete in a world market, keep its US employee base, and, frankly, stop the outright destruction of the US economy by runaway health, and health insurance costs.

This is a huge victory for the large, and powerful, "North American Health Freedom Movement."

The "Most Dangerous Woman in America - (to the Medical Establishment)" to Speak in Chicago...

Sunday, June 4th, 2006 - The "most attacked" proponent of change to the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs" medical paradigm, scientist and author Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, is the primary speaker, Saturday (10:00am, and Sunday 10:00am), with an additional three hour "laboratory workshop" on Sunday afternoon at the Health Freedom Expo Convention in Chicago, June 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2006.  Clark will be doing book signings in her booth at the Expo.

Attendees need not be overly concerned about "quackbuster"  attacks on Clark at the Expo.  Full security will be in effect, and anyone interfering with Clark and her participants will be held for the police.  Charges will be filed.  As you know,  on several occasions, mentally unstable(?) "quackbuster"  minions have attempted to interfere with Clark, but each time they have been thwarted.

Quackpot Stephen Barrett "Mugged" Again - in Hometown Court...

 Monday, April 17th, 2006 - Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, author of the questionable website "," lost another Court case this last month.  Barrett is on a long Courtroom losing streak.

Barrett's bigoted comments about cutting-edge health care offerings have caused concerns among health industry leaders for years - and now those leaders are reacting..  Barrett has been embroiled in, seemingly, one Court action after another.  Those court actions included two separate actions where he was named as a participant in Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) charges. 

The recent case though, wasn't an assault against Barrett, it was a Pennsylvania Court's rejection of a lawsuit filed by Barrett against one of his detractors. 

Barrett claims to be a "retired Psychiatrist," but Court records show he was never able to pass the testing requirements to be Board Certified in that specialty.  Barrett is not licensed to practice Medicine in any State, and has not been allowed to do so since 1993.  More importantly - Barrett is not licensed to practice Naturopathy in any State either - and by his own admission, has not completed even the basic requirements to be registered in that field.

A few years ago, Barrett sued leading US Chiropractor Tedd Koren for allegedly "defaming Barrett."  The Court ruled against Barrett, tossing out the case.  The Judge in that case publicly remonstrated Barrett, "I'm saying this to the parties, and particularly to you Dr.Barrett.  I notice you are talking to your lawyer while I'm talking.  And I would suggest to you that you would be better off if you listen to me, for afterwards you will have plenty of time to talk."

The "Cal Streeter" Story...

Tuesday, May 31st, 2006 - I'm about to tell you about one of the most important cases in US healthcare, an assault, and a turning point - the prosecution of a Northwestern Indiana cutting-edge Doctor of Osteopathy, Wilbert C. (Cal) Streeter. 

Although few have ever heard of the Streeter case, it, of itself, and of its result, make it a landmark.  The case began, roughly, in 1996, as the result of certain pressures put on the government by the nefarious "quackbuster"  operation, and it is still going on - but has taken an entirely different, and interesting turn. 

The case is interesting to the powerful North American Health Freedom Movement because it was THE CASE,  I believe, that was supposed to be the "model case" to be used against all "Alternative Medicine" practitioners nationwide.  But since the case pretty much died on the vine, so to speak, the "model" was dropped, and although the tactic was used in a few places - it wasn't continued. 

"Big Pharma" Owns Their Regulators - But Not For Long...

 Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 - Health Canada, North America's "North of the border" version of the US FDA, has, so far, spent two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) prosecuting a Canadian based nutritional supplement company, Truehope International, to collect a five hundred dollar ($500.00) fine.

Yup,  you read that right.  Health Canada has spent, so far, two million bucks to get a five hundred dollar fine. 

More amazing is that they probably won't be able to collect the fine, because they are in Court over it right now - and they, and the Health Canada employees involved in this fiasco, will get personally sued, by Truehope, for their efforts.  And, they SHOULD be personally sued... 

So, what's this all about?  It's about "the role" of Health Canada, and the US FDA.  Most North Americans believe that those agencies are in existence to regulate the drug industry - because that's what "we the people" set them up to do.  But, that's not what's really happening. 

"Quackbusters" Crushed in Massachusetts Dental Case...

 Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 - The "quackbuster" operation in North America, run out of a New York ad agency,  took another broadside last month in Massachusetts when the Massachusetts Dental Board called, not one, but two, "special meetings," both to dismiss, with prejudice, all seven charges against cutting-edge Dentist David Satloff.  The attempt to use a State agency in a "fake" prosecution to eliminate "Holistic Dentistry," and/or "Biological Dentistry" failed.

Charges had been brought against Satloff by the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) president Robert S. Baratz who claims to be a combination MD, DDS and PhD.  Baratz was, also, the only person to testify against Satloff - and he testified for nine full days.  I estimate Baratz was paid $125,000 for his testimony by the State of Massachusetts.  Baratz testified in an earlier hearing that he has never, actually practiced Dentistry.  He also claimed to be a "spokesperson" for the American Dental Association, and a consultant to the US FDA.

During Baratz's testimony, interestingly, Baratz testified for six-and-one-half hours on his reasons why David Satloff improperly installed a dental bridge in a patient's mouth - in great detail.  On cross-examination it was revealed that Baratz, who graduated from Dental school in1974, had never actually installed a dental bridge himself, and had never even seen one installed.  When asked how he could testify as an "expert" on this subject he replied "I researched it."

It was also revealed that Baratz had, since 1974, only worked in a Dental office for one two-and-a-half week period, shortly after graduation - and never since then.  When asked how he could qualify as an "expert" to testify in dental cases, he replied that "testifying WAS his practice of Dentistry."

So, how did this happen?  Good question.

Why Corretta Scott King went to a Mexican Clinic...

 Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 - There is no question that the extremely profitable US cancer industry provides absolutely ZERO hope, for US patients, against cancer.  I don't think there is anybody in the US that believes the absolute drivel promoted by the American Cancer Society (ACS), a group that has come, not to represent "the fight against cancer," but more as a "spokesperson for the rip-off cancer industry."

A few months ago the American Cancer Society publicly whined that they had done a survey and found out that about half of the American public believed that there really were cancer cures available and that those cures were being suppressed by the industry because the non-cures were so profitable...

Well, I hate to be rude here, but, in street language, I'd have to say about this "no shit, Sherlock.."  What surprises me is that only about half of the US has figured that out.

US health care, rated seventy-second (72) in quality, worldwide, despite a massive public relations campaign, is losing ground with the American public.  I think it is just a matter of time before the American Cancer Society goes into full-security mode, concerned about drive-by shootings from gang members, and drug dealers, who became aware of the ACS's role in withholding adequate cancer care from the mother that raised them...

It's not fun watching your loved ones die from conventional cancer treatments.  The treatment is worse than the disease.

US Internet "Free Speech" Tightly Controlled by Secret Group... 

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006 - American citizens think, wrongly, that the internet is a place where they can somewhat freely express their opinions about social issues important to them. But they are dead wrong  - for there is an internet company, based in London, England that continuously monitors internet traffic - and if that company, or any of its members, or its customers, don't like what an American is saying on the internet, they can, and will, shut down that person's access to the internet.

Surprised?  Don't be. 

Controlling internet access, and preventing "free speech" is a despot's dream come true - for it has been the internet, for some time now, that has provided the means for social activists on important issues to communicate, not only with each other, but with the media and the public.

The internet has, basically, changed the way people communicate worldwide.  Everyone knows that, on the internet, you can type out a  message to someone, "CC" it to any number of friends at all corners of the Earth, and in seconds you can get responses.

But that's over.  Those social activists are being identified by a British company called Spamhaus for its customers,  and barriers and blocking devices are being put in place to block communication between activists,  groups, and the American public.  So far, Spamhaus has taken sides on several issues, and despite the fact that the US is a "free speech" nation, Spamhaus openly states on its website "we don't care what US laws say..."

American citizens think, wrongly, that the internet is a place where they can somewhat freely express their opinions about social issues important to them. But they are dead wrong  - for there is an internet company, based in London, England that continuously monitors internet traffic - and if that company, or any of its members, or its customers, don't like what an American is saying on the internet, they can, and will, shut down that person's access to the internet.

Surprised?  Don't be. 

Controlling internet access, and preventing "free speech" is a despot's dream come true - for it has been the internet, for some time now, that has provided the means for social activists on important issues to communicate, not only with each other, but with the media and the public.

The internet has, basically, changed the way people communicate worldwide.  Everyone knows that, on the internet, you can type out a  message to someone, "CC" it to any number of friends at all corners of the Earth, and in seconds you can get responses.

But that's over.  Those social activists are being identified by a British company called Spamhaus for its customers,  and barriers and blocking devices are being put in place to block communication between activists,  groups, and the American public.  So far, Spamhaus has taken sides on several issues, and despite the fact that the US is a "free speech" nation, Spamhaus openly states on its website "we don't care what US laws say..."

Americans Flee to India, and Elsewhere, for Better Health Care...

Saturday, January 7th, 2006 - According to the newspaper "Times of India," 150,000 people, mostly from the United States, went to India last year for Medical care.  Called "medical tourism" the numbers are growing at 15% per annum and by 2012, that "medical tourism"  is expected to generate $2.3 billion annually in India. As one representative of an Indian Hospital,  Anne Marie Moncure, MD, of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, says, "Every year, 98,000 patients die in US hospitals due to medical negligence and three to four times that number are left permanently-disabled."

The United States Medical Care system, rated a poor seventy-second (72nd), worldwide, has been teetering on the brink of destruction for years now.  Greed, malfeasance, misfeasance, grand corruption, murderous intent, and a self-centeredness unequaled in history has led the system to the abyss. The system, the most expensive in the world,  according to the authoritative study "Death by Medicine," IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF AMERICANS.  Above heart disease, cancer and stroke, the medical system, itself, is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of 783,936 Americans EVERY YEAR.  There are no estimates of how many are damaged or disabled by it.

American Dental Association Shmucked in Chicago .....

 Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 - 2005 has not been a good year for the American Dental Association (ADA).  

And that's good... Congratulations, are in order, for all of you that helped make that happen.  

There are those in North America that believe that the ADA, and their dental policies, positions, and statements, are responsible for a significant part of the constant health problems inflicted on Americans.  I'm one of those. 

Take the "mercury amalgam" issue, for instance.  The ADA would have you believe that those tooth fillings they, and they alone, call "silver fillings," even though they contain 52 to 54% mercury, are SOMEHOW not dangerous in your mouth.  Even though Federal law clearly classifies those fillings as "toxic," and requires special handling before they are installed, and when they are being removed - but SOMEHOW, without any scientific data backing their claims - the ADA claims those fillings are safe in your mouth. 

And, they'll sell  you some swampland, too.

Nine Percent Approval Rating?  US Network Television News FAILS "Big Pharma"...

Saturday, December 10th, 2005  - In 1999 "Big Pharma" went to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and got permission to advertise drugs, drugs, and more drugs directly to the American consumer.   Their intent, as it became obvious, was two things: (1)  sell more drugs to the American consumer, and, (2) control the media, especially US television..

TV network news, it appears, got the lion's share of advertising dollars.  I estimate that 55% percent of all advertising during the News Hours are paid for by "Big Pharma."  More, about a third of the entire newscast, itself, is focused on how wonderful your "local drug peddler" actually is.  Almost every night a new wonder drug (snort) is presented, that will absolutely save humanity - and, of course, this never actually happens.  Network TV news is just about ALL advertising hype - with the occasional brainless "car chase - endlessly documented by the 3.5 million dollar ($3,500,000) network helicopter."

Television News departments have sold out for the money - there is no doubt about that.  Even more, the networks, beyond the news features, couldn't go even part of a season without another boring TV series about life in a hospital - without ever mentioning that those same hospitals are the number one (#1) killer of Americans, ahead of heart disease and cancer.

Yes, US television has sold out to "Big Pharma."   There is no doubt about it.  But, the question is "Did TV do 'Big Pharma' any good?"  And the answer is "no, it did not..."  and, we can all laugh about that.

What do I mean "no, it did not..?"  There's an easy answer - in two parts: 

"Health Freedom Wins" Increase Worldwide...

Monday, November 28th, 2005 - "Health Freedom" is winning everywhere.  Everywhere, that is, where strategy and tactical teams have taken the time to organize, make a plan, execute the plan, etc.  Winning against "Big Pharma," and their sleazy minions, is becoming embarrassingly easy.

Canadian "Health Freedom" Wins a BIG ONE...

Friday, November 25th, 2005 - The Canadian "Health Freedom" movement spells the word "AGGRESSIVE" in all capital letters.  A few years ago concerned citizens from all across Canada gathered together and decided, like Californians, that they wanted "the best health care they could get - and they wanted it RIGHT NOW..."

What they do not want is a "Big Pharma" controlled "drugs, drugs, and more drugs" based health care system.

Because of their decision to (1) identify problems, (2) identify possible solutions, (3) make plans, (4) execute plans, (5) review situation, etc., the Canadian movement is far ahead of the US group in terms of GOAL achievement.  They have a plan - and they're working it - HARD.

Good for them.

I'm not going to go into the details of their plan - for it is specially designed for Canada, and the specific situation in Canada. For now, I'll just focus on their current victory.  In short, strange as it may sound, they lost(?) a battle because the other side surrendered.


Yup.  They lost a battle (C-420) because the other side surrendered.

Health Freedom Protection Act (HR 4282) Introduced Into US Congress...

Sunday, November 13th, 2005  - The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was originally designed to serve the needs of the American public. 

Of course, these days, it does no such thing - it is owned, outright, by "Big Pharma," the very industry it is supposed to regulate.

Not just is there a revolving door of pharma employees with the FDA, but every committee is in the hands of the drug pushers.  In fact, the FDA is little more than a gun carrying enforcement agency whose only purpose seems to be to stifle, raid, imprison, shut down, harass, torture, lie about, and generally discourage competition to drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

They don't even try to hide it.

In Health Care "Constant Vigilance" is the Answer...

Thursday, November 10th, 2005  - California has always been a leader in health care reform, officially and unofficially.  It's just that way in a State in constant transition.  I've pointed out, for a long time, that the health care paradigm is shifting - and nowhere is this more obvious than California. 

I've said, time after time, that fully half of the total US health dollar is being spent on alternatives to "organized medicine."  In California I'd say that about 80% of California's health dollars are spent on alternatives. 

American Dental Association Flummoxed in Philly...

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005 - The American Dental Association (ADA) spent a fortune last month holding its annual convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  If it had hoped for a public relations coup to help promote its aims, its hopes were dashed by the Pennsylvania chapter of the North American anti-mercury-amalgam movement, the "Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury Free Dentistry"

The ADA fell on its face - and frankly - their convention worked against them.  What  I predicted in my September 26th, 2005 newsletter "Health Freedom" Counter Attacks - Big Time..." happened.  Here's what I said:

Quackpot Polevoy Sued for Libel in Canada...

Friday, October 28th, 2005 - When the New York ad agency, the one the runs the "quackbuster"  operation against innovation in health care in North America opened its email program last month, it was probably chagrined to find that one more self-styled "quackbuster"  was being sued for what many feel they do best - libel health care providers.

Will the FDA Attack the US Army?...

Friday, October 21st, 2005 - When the New York ad agency, the one the runs the "quackbuster"  operation against innovation in health care in North America selects a new target, one of the things they count on is "a raid" from their bed partners at the FDA, against that selected target.

On the morning of "the raid," highly trained (insert a BIG SNORT here) FDA agents, dressed in cute little body armor,  covered by "the right" special jacket, ordered expressly from a "law enforcement" catalog - the wanna-be cops version of L.L. Bean - with "FDA" emblazoned in the approved yellow, ten inch high letters, across the back, stop by the gun locker where they will be issued their M-16, or their Browning 12-Gauge Pump, for this morning's event.


The Significance of Dr. Tedd Koren’s Courtroom Defeat of Quackbuster Stephen Barrett 

A Guest Commentary by Steven C. Eisen, DC, Research Coordinator, Foundation for Health Choice - Thursday, October 20th, 2005

On October 13, 2005, notorious self-proclaimed consumer medical advocate, Stephen Barrett’s defamation lawsuit against Dr. Tedd Koren was thrown out of court after a grueling three and a half day trial. To the unknowing observer, this may seem insignificant, but in no uncertain terms, it was a big victory for the battle of freedom and rights of all individuals to select the health care of their choice. 

More about - Quackbuster Barrett BROKEN in "Home Town" Court...

Saturday, October 15th, 2005 - Below is an interesting Press Release sent to top "quackbuster"  Stephen Barrett, the author of the dubious website, "'s" local newspaper.  But before I let you see that, I want to explain what happened in this case.

In short - Stephen Barrett's claims that I, Tim Bolen, and those people re-posting, or quoting my articles, allegedly having "defamed" him, have now been thoroughly examined in a Court of Law - and Barrett's claims, within that Court of Law, in his own home town of Allentown, Pennsylvania - a Court of Barrett's own choice, have been determined to have no merit. 

Specifically, Barrett had sued Koren for repeating my words "delicensed" and "quackpot."  The Judge specifically ruled that these words were not defamatory to Barrett - and threw out Barrett's case against Koren.  Completely.

As soon as I get copies of the trial transcripts I will make them available on my website.

Quackbuster Barrett Broken in "Home Town" Court...

Thursday, October 13th, 2005 - In simple language - the Lehigh County Court Judge, today, in the Barrett v. Koren "defamation" case, ruled that Stephen Barrett wasted the Lehigh County Court's time with his meritless claims.

Just before lunch on Thursday, October 13th, 2005 (today), Judge Johnson of the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas turned to the jury assembled to decide a case brought by one Stephen Barrett, a local resident, against famous Chiropractor, author, publisher, and health advocate Tedd Koren DC - and told the jury that he was ruling in favor of a Motion made by Defendant Koren. 

The Judge's ruling in favor of Koren's Motion, officially called a "Motion for Directed Verdict," approved Koren's request that "the Court enter judgment in its favor before submitting the case to the jury because there is no legally sufficient evidentiary foundation on which a reasonable jury could find for the other party."  Under Federal Rules of Court this type of motion is known as a "Motion for judgment as a matter of law."


Sunday, October 9th, 2005 - Monday, October 10th, 2005, is a day to watch - for Stephen Barrett gets his date in Court, again - and I don't think he's going to like it.

Here's why.

A couple years back,  top "quackbuster" propagandist Stephen Barrett, a failed MD who describes himself as "a retired Psychiatrist," took it upon himself to attack the age-old Chiropractic profession. He even made up a new website "chirowatch" or something like that, to criticize the profession.  He began to talk as though he knew something about it - drawing, I guess, on his life experiences as a part-time MD in an Allentown, Pennsylvania mental hospital. 

Barrett, particularly took an interest in one Tedd Koren DC, a well known Chiropractic advocate, author, Publisher, and seminar leader. Barrett, of course, did the usual "sliming" of Koren on his dubious website ""

But more - When Koren was unimpressed with Barrett's churlish behavior, Barrett, apparently then contacted an ally of his in the offices of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Then the fun began (sarcasm intended).

Follow Up to the George Noory Radio Show...

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 - I want to thank all of the people who, after my interview on the George Noory Coast-to-Coast radio show last Wednesday, sent me all those nice emails.  To those of you that sent me questions about where to get specific advanced health care, I say "I'll try and get back to each of you separately..."

However, in general there were many of you that asked the same questions - so I'll give those of you that did that an answer right here.  If your question was:


"Health Freedom" Counter Attacks - Big Time...

Monday, September 26th, 2005 - The world-wide war between "health" and "medicine," "conventional" and "alternative," rages across continents.  "Big Pharma," in an almost uncontrolled panic in the US, is shoveling so much cash, by the truck and trainload, at US television networks, trying to buy their way back to Americans, it's laughable. 

If you thought North American television was buried in "drug ads" last year, this year is far worse.  Sheer panic has hit the drug world.  New York ad agencies are in a heyday. 

North American dentistry, another hellhole of bad practices, is reeling from assaults, and according to ADA's Edwin Mehlman from their membership division, who tells me, in a personal email, that the ADA is having to spend "a Budget of over$100 million proposed for 2006 and reserves of over 47 million."  Just to keep their heads above water, I think.

For good reason.

Americans are on the march, with anger in their eyes.  The "duping" of America is about to be paid for in industry blood...

"Tim Bolen" Featured on "Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory"...

Friday, September 23rd, 2005 - Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  I'm going to be interviewed by George Noory for three hours late Wednesday Night, September 28th, 2005, starting at 11:00pm PST through 2:00AM PST on the 29th.  I'll have to take a nap ahead of time - so I can be my usual fire and brimstone self on the subject of health care.

I just couldn't resist - George Noory has more listeners than I've got readers.  I need to reach more people with my message about how bad North American health and dental care REALLY IS, and who's trying to change it.  George has millions of listeners, and I have only a few hundred thousand readers.

As George says on his website "Consumer advocate and health freedom fighter Tim Bolen will reveal the ways in which the medical and dental establishments are preventing and punishing innovation in their industries."

You bet I will, George.  Your listeners are in for a shock.

ADA Gets "Kiss of Death"...

Sunday, September 18th, 2005 - It had to happen sooner or later.  The ADA (American Dental Association) has had a long run - with the posse chasing them.  I'm surprised they've lasted this long.

They'll scream,  they'll holler, they'll whine, they'll whimper.  They'll threaten, and they'll lash out - but in the end it won't matter - the American Dental Association is finished.  Nail their doors shut.  Board up their windows.  It's soon to be all over for them.

The ADA, as we know in the Health Freedom Movement, stateside, is an organization designed to protect the status quo in US dentistry.  Never mind that the methods they protect are from two centuries ago.

Medical Board Brutality - The Plot Thickens...

Friday,  August 26th, 2005 - Last Friday, August 19th, 2005 I sent out a newsletter called "Medical Board Brutality."  It was about the newest antics of the California Medical Board Staff - an organization, I believe, to be completely corrupt - and not worth saving.  Like the story about Hercules and the Aegean stables, the best thing that could happen is for someone to re-route the Sacramento river right through 1426 Howe Avenue (the medical board offices) - and for the same reasons....

The responses were startling.  In short, my disdain for the Administrative Law System, and the way it is abused against licensed health professionals, is SHARED worldwide.

I want to thank all of those who responded with a letter to the Presiding Judge of the Appeals Court.  If you haven't yet sent yours in, please do so.  You can get the details about what to do by clicking here

In short, my earlier newsletter details an assault against a "lay representative" helping people through the Administrative law process.  Charles Benninghoff had complained to an Administrative law Judge the Medical Board, and the prosecutor in the case had "biased" the State's witness against his client - a violation of the agency's own rules of conduct - and the State retaliated against Benninghoff, claiming he was "practicing law without a license."

The Medical Board went to a "friendly" Superior Court Judge and got an order seizing Benninghoff's office, leaving his clients in the lurch.  Benninghoff filed an Appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeals - and here we are.

So, how is the plot thickening?

Medical Board Brutality...

Friday, August 19th, 2005 - I'm about to tell you about an important legal "case" in California that has far-reaching (national) implications for the regulation of health care, and other, licensed professionals.  The case is currently heading for the California Appeals Court - and a letter from YOU to the presiding Judge of the Appeals Court will have a tremendous effect.  I'll explain.

I am not a fan of the Administrative law system that SUPPOSEDLY regulates licensed health professionals.  I have found, nationally, that as a unit, the system is brutal, stupid, poorly organized, inefficient, and inhabited by some of the lowest form of humans that could, and would, use their positions of power over licensees, to prey on them for their own perverted delight.  Few places, nationwide, is the system held accountable for its actions.

California is one of those.

The situation got so bad in California, that, a few years ago, the California Legislature ordered, and funded, an "Enforcement Monitor" on the California Medical Board Staff.  It was absolutely necessary then - and it still is now.

University of Virginia "Drug Whores" attack Echinacea...

Thursday, August 4th, 2005 - I had a good laugh this last week.  The University of Virginia Medical School showed the world how easy it is for "Big Pharma" to buy the appearance of science, from a University, with their so-called "Echinacea study." 

Then the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) ran a pompous editorial on the subject by one of the best known, and laughable, CRACKPOTS in the US, Wallace Sampson MD.

Then the New York Ad agency (the one that runs the "quackbusters" ), sent out, to every media outlet in the US and Canada the story that "Echinacea had been discredited."

(Insert laughter here)

I love it when "Big Pharma" does something this dumb - and traceable back to them.   It shows how weak, and afraid of the US "health" movement, they really are. 

"Big Pharma" is using "Western Medicine" to Destroy America...

Monday, August 1st, 2005 - In the United States every company with over two hundred employees is required to provide full health insurance coverage to its employees.  Since 1999, when the US FDA allowed "Big Pharma" to advertise directly to the American consumer, the cost of the average prescription drug has increased 500% - with no reason other than greed. 

The same prescription drugs cost five to twenty times as much in the US as other countries.  Because of this, the average cost of health insurance for a family of four, including the amount a company pays, and what the employee pays, is now $14,700 per year. 

No company in the US can afford those increases in health care costs - so just to survive, at all, much less compete in a word-wide market, US companies are sending their labor requirements overseas - and shutting down US production facilities, laying off US workers, supervisors, managers, vice presidents, etc. 

It's time America recognized "Big Pharma" for what it really is - the enemy of mankind - and does something about it.

"Big Pharma" versus Everybody...

Thursday, July 14th, 2005 - A seven-thousand-five-hundred-dollar hand-tailored business suit.  A fifteen-hundred-dollar designer tie.  A four-hundred-fifty-dollar belt.  Twenty-five-hundred dollar hand-made shoes.  Three-hundred-fifty-dollar hand-made silk underwear. And, a twenty-five-thousand dollar hand-made watch.

Who's wearing this?  Every one of the roughly seven thousand lobbyists working for "Big Pharma" trying to get laws, and treaties, favorable to their aims, through the US Congress.  They dress like this for two reasons (1)  with the money "Big Pharma" is paying them they can afford to, and (2)  they want to make "the right impression."

Their current project is to get CAFTA (the Central American Free Trade Agreement) passed.  It's important to them - and they've pulled out all of the stops.

"Big Pharma" Stabs Planet Earth...

Friday, July 8th, 2005 - My last two broadcasts "Vitamins to be Banned Worldwide...", and ""Big Pharma" Controls US "TV News"... have generated a major response.  They seem to have been forwarded everywhere, and I can't keep up with the volume of email questions I'm getting - so I'll answer the questions here...

Yes, it's true that the "Codex Alimentarius" commission in Rome, July 4th,2005,  passed restriction of supplement guidelines that would, in effect, destroy the supplement industry in it's entirety - except for that controlled outright by "Big Pharma."

Yes, it's true that the "CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)"  legislation currently being rushed through the US Congress contains, within its language, the mechanism to force "harmonization" of US laws to "Codex" requirements destroying the protection afforded under the1994 DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) law.

Yes, it's true that "Big Pharma" is behind this move - they have that much power and money.

Vitamins to be Banned Worldwide...

Monday, July 4th, 2005 - "Big Pharma" won a major victory in Rome, Italy today.  Vitamins and minerals, for over-the-counter sale will be phased out, almost completely, in every country on Planet Earth.  The "German Model" of health care will now be the law of the land - in every land.

Below is a press release from Diane Miller JD of the National Health Freedom Coalition, detailing the action.  Diane is in Rome at the meeting.

Press Release -  National Health Freedom Coalition:  Codex Full Commission adopts Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements in final form July 4, 2005, Rome Italy. by Diane Miller JD. 

Minutes ago the full Commission of Codex Alimentarius adopted in final form, the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements.  This adoption is the Step 8 adoption, the final stage of adoption for the international Codex guidelines.  The Codex Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements guidelines are now official and no longer in draft form. 

The Commission, attended by over 85 of the 171 Codex countries, adopted the guidelines by consensus method.  There was brief discussion before adoption taking in comments from a small number of countries and two NGOs. 

"Big Pharma" Controls US "TV News"...

Monday, July 4th, 2005 - There is no such thing as "investigative journalism" on US network television anymore.  In fact, it's hard to find real news, at all, on the networks.  "TV news" is all hype - every bit of it - and it is designed to promote the interests of those that write the checks for advertising.  Nothing else.

The single largest group of advertisers during the news hours, I've noticed, is "Big Pharma."  Roughly fifty percent (50%) of all advertising, during the news hours, comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

And it's paying off, handsomely, for them - but not for America...

Simply spoken, "Big Pharma" is using America's airwaves to destroy the American fabric.  Our TV media, the same media we, as Americans, count on, as "the fourth estate," to monitor society's problems, has been prostituted as an advertising campaign for the interests of the biggest, and most evil, enemy America, and democracy, has ever had to face - "Big Pharma."

"We the People" Need to Shut Down "Big Pharma"...

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005 - I live in Southern California, in the United States, and I know that, in the United States, there is a tremendous war going on between the forces of "health" versus the forces of "medicine."  This war is over the future of health care.  It's a bloody war, and it doesn't stop at the US borders...

In California we say "We'd rather be 'healthy' than 'medicated," and there's a big difference between the two philosophies.  In that war I am firmly, and unequivocally, on the side of "health."  I want the best health care I can get, and I want right now...

Everybody knows that the US Health Care System is badly broken - and not repairable. The US MEDICARE System will go belly-up in the year 2011 - It's going to be, at that point, so costly that the United States simply won't be able to afford it anymore. AMERICAN CORPORATIONS, right this moment, are cutting back their health care offerings -  No one can afford the skyrocketing costs.  HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES are desperately trying to reduce provider expenditure - and because of that, Americans are being offered a poorer, and poorer, quality of health care - Insanely, everything NEW is being banned. 

Why?  There are two interlocking reasons. 

"Bobbie Bogus" Runs For Cover ... 

Friday, June 10th, 2005 - Everybody knows that, in my advocation, I hunt "Quackbusters,"  The fact that there exists at all, a group whose purpose is to stop innovation, and progress, in health care, in favor of the "drug world" status quo, raises my ire.   

Professionally, I'm a Crisis Management Consultant in the health care industry.  My clients, for the most part, are "cutting edge" practitioners whose successful activities on behalf of their patients, or customers, have earned them the attention of the status quo - who react against them as viciously as possible.  Inevitably, during my work with clients, the influence of the "Quackbusters", on the case, comes to the surface.   

I learned a long time ago, in these types of cases, that you can't deal with the client's problem without dealing with the source of the problem - the "Quackbuster" conspiracy against innovation in health care.  So, I deal with that issue right up front. 

And, the "Quackbusters" don't seem to like my activities. 

Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, the current president of the "Quackbuster's" flagship, the now legally defunct National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) nearly had a heart attack, the other day, Tuesday, June 7th, 2005, when I walked into a hearing room, in downtown Boston, where he was slated to testify for the sixth day.  Baratz, who always has a lot to say (he gets paid by the hour) was supposed to be "cross-examined" on his five earlier days of testimony.  I was there, since I know a lot about "Bobbie," to help the attorney make that "cross." 


A Guest Article By Australian Health Activist Eve Hillary

About Eve Hillary:  Eve Hillary is a Health Freedom Advocate based in Sydney.  She a medical analyst, public speaker and writer on issues pertaining to the health care industry and environmental health.   She is the author of Children of a Toxic Harvest: An Environmental Autobiography, and numerous articles relating to health issues. Her most recent book is Health Betrayal; Staying away from the Sickness Industry. Eve has spent 25 years in health care where she has observed the medical industry at first hand from the inside.  or  

Is American Dentistry Killing Us?...

Monday, May 23rd, 2005 - Is American Dentistry killing us?  Probably.  There are certainly good reasons circulating around the campfires to believe so.  It's time, I believe, for the North American Health Freedom Movement to focus on Dentistry, and its problems, because what happens in the mouth effects the whole body.

I believe that the American Dental Association (ADA), as the primary representative of Dentistry, is in "siege mode,"  meaning that their Modus Operandi, these days, seems more defensive of position than promotional of healthy Dentistry.

Why?  Because, I think, they are defending, like the tobacco industry did for years, untenable positions.  In fact, in my opinion, American Dentistry, as an industry, is far more deadly than tobacco ever was - and I'll tell you why I think so.

Codex Alimentarius:  Big Pharma's Attempt to Subjugate Planet Earth...

Saturday, May 7th, 2005 - Last week I went to a "Codex" conference in Washington DC.  There a large and, so far, loosely knit coalition was formed to exchange information.  We began to coordinate the battle to stop the Big Pharma controlled European Union from inflicting "Codex Alimentarious" health standards on the rest of the world.

It will take me some time to absorb all of the information I heard, and read, but for now, let me make something clear - "Codex Alimentarious" is a plot to inflict "the German Model" of health care on all of Planet Earth. The primary targets are Europe (almost completed), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

The plot was hatched in Germany, I believe, and frankly, reeks more of a "world domination" scheme than a movement towards standardizing health care on Planet Earth.

The group formed in Washington will focus on crushing the attempt to harmonize North American laws with "Codex," thereby preventing "the German Model" of health care from becoming the law of the North American continent. 

Did I actually say "World Domination?"

Yes, I did.  For good reason.

Is Aetna Threatening My Family?...

Friday, May 6th, 2005 - For good reason, I'm beginning to get the impression that Aetna doesn't like the articles I've been writing about the Cavitat v. Aetna Federal RICO (racketeering) case.  If you are a new subscriber, and haven't been following the case articles, go to and click on "Earlier Newsletters," and follow the trail back chronologically.

According to that Cavitat v. Aetna Federal RICO (racketeering) case, the Plaintiffs, CAVITAT Medical Technologies, Inc, and Robert J. Jones are suing the Defendant, Aetna, on FIVE counts "(1) Publication of an Injurious Falsehood, (2)  Tortious interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (3) Negligent interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (4) Interference with contract or prospective Contractual Relation, (5)  Federal and State RICO (18USCA 1961 et seq. and C.R.S. 18-17-104)."

In that suit Aetna is accused of conspiring with "quackbusters,"  failed MD Stephen Barrett, Robert S. Baratz, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), etc., to damage Cavitat.

Aetna's response to the suit is that "We don't even know who Stephen Barrett, or Robert Baratz are..."  They claim "we've never heard of them..."


I've been traveling the last few weeks on business - Washington DC for the "Codex" conference, and then Denver, Colorado.  While I was out of town "representatives"  of Aetna Insurance were very busy in my home town.  Using the guise of "personally serving me" with a subpoena, they were leaving me a clear message "We know where you live.  We know where your daughter lives."  Below, You'll find an interesting story about how Aetna, and its management, actually operate:

FDA Ephedra Ban REVERSED by US Court...

Thursday, April 14th, 2005 - There is no question that the the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is owned and operated as an adjunct to Big Pharma.  It is. 

FDA executives are at the beck and call of Planet Earth's pharmaceutical industry.  They don't even bother to hide that fact.  FDA leaders see their role as four things:  (1)  get as many mega-dangerous drugs as possible approved as fast as possible, with the least amount of testing, (2)  turn a blind eye towards, and cover up as much negative drug information (adverse reaction) as possible (3) act as a marketing partner for Big Pharma, (4)  use their authority to attack, and harass, Big Pharma's competitors for health dollars.

The US FDA is one of "Medicine's" top war tools in the battle raging, worldwide, between the forces for "Health" versus "Medicine."   All over the US, flak-jacketed FDA thugs, accompanied by other government agencies, smash their way into "health" related establishments, screaming, battering, scattering, seizing, grabbing - establishing emotional and financial chaos to anyone who dares to compete with Big Pharma's interests - with some effect. 

Despite this "health" is winning, everywhere

One of Big Pharma's major competitors is the vitamin/supplement industry.  Big Pharma wants to stop it, or slow it as much as possible, and they have two major tools working for them:  (1) the US FDA, and (2) "Codex."

We'll talk more about "Codex" later.

The FDA, not long ago, attacked the supplement industry, using the ruse that "Ephedra," an ingredient commonly used in supplements worldwide for hundreds of years, was somehow so suddenly dangerous that it needed to be taken off the market, immediately.  And, a ruse it was...

But yesterday, a Federal Judge in Utah smacked the FDA right in the face - hard.  Read the press release below...

UK Parliament SMASHES Big Pharma...

Thursday, April 7th, 2005 - Just two days ago, in my newsletter article The Coming "US Health Movement v. Big Pharma" Codex War..., I announced the demise of Big Pharma's attempt to shut down the supplement industry.  But little did I know at the time that that day, Tuesday, April 5th, 2005, would go down in the annals as a double-whammy of Big Pharma's murderous intent.  Wait 'til you read this.

Sit up straight.  For, this story you are almost NOT going to believe. I'm going to have to convince you with data.  To do that I'm going to tell you that you are going to have to do what I just did - you're going to have to read a 126 page report just issued by the British government titled "House of Commons Health Committee - THE INFLUENCE OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY"

The British government is setting up the "guillotine."  There's going to be a "Bastille Day" in London.  Sell your pharmaceutical stock - quick.

The Coming "US Health Movement v. Big Pharma" Codex War...

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 - This morning I received an e-mail from my attorney friend, and fellow health activist, Ralph Fucetola, The Vitamin Lawyer, telling me about the victory in Europe against the "European Food Directive".  It was held, by the Court, to be invalid.  Here's what Ralph said:

Bulletin: EU Food Directive Held Invalid - 04/05/05

Details here:

EU Advocate General held: "The Food Supplements Directive infringes the principle of proportionality because basic principles of Community law, such as the requirements of legal protection, of legal certainty and of sound administration have not properly been taken into account."

The European Court is expected to uphold this determination in June, thereby preserving access to Dietary Supplements. The Codex threat (see below) remains real, but this is a great victory that will allow the Health Freedom Movement to go from defense to offense: we want our rights under DSHEA (the 1994 law that allows health claims for vitamins) to be strengthened and we want the rest of the world's food supplement rules harmonized to our freedoms!

Congratulations to the Alliance and all its supporters!

Ralph Fucetola JD -

What does this all mean?  It means we are going to get some breathing room - it doesn't mean we've won the war.

North America is Big Pharma's next target.

California "Sinaiko" Case:  The "Quackbuster's" Breaking Point...

Monday, April 4th, 2005 - For years the "quackbuster"  attacks against innovative health practitioners were handled. by health activists, in the "defense" mode.  The California "Sinaiko" case was the turning point.  The reason:  the "quackbusters"  had won so many battles, and had caused so many problems for innovative health practitioners since the "Plan of '96" took effect, that they were arrogant beyond belief.

That was their downfall.  Because of that, they not only lost the Sinaiko case, they lost California - and the tide turned nationwide.

Below, I've copied a letter I just got from Bob Sinaiko MD, thanking me, and the HUGE group of supporters that found the circumstances surrounding Bob Sinaiko's case to be APPALLING - and decided to band together to do something about this horrible abuse of the North American system.

For good reason, Bob forgot to thank the "quackbusters."  It would seem odd to thank those that attacked you, but in the case of the "quackbusters", because of the results, credit should be given where credit is due. It was their arrogance that did them in.

In California:  We know How to Treat "Quackbusters"...

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005 - Victory can be so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o sweet...  I'll tell you about our latest victory in a minute, but first...

In California we like to have first rate health care.  The attitude is "we deserve it."  We've got the fifth largest stand-alone economy in the world - and it isn't by accident.  California is vibrant, and we're into "health" here.

The North American "quackbuster"  operation is scrambling for survival - because, among other things, Californians boil them in oil - so to speak. 

And, we just boiled a tub full.

"Tennessee Medicine" - What Were You Thinking?...

An OPEN Letter to the Tennessee Medical Association

Friday, March 25th, 2005 - Someone forwarded to me an article coming up in your April 2005 issue of "Tennessee Medicine" called "The CAM Controversy: Should Tennessee Embrace Complementary and Alternative Medicine?" 

On the whole the article wasn't too bad, and it portrayed the controversy fairly well EXCEPT FOR your use, as a credible resource, of known crackpot, and failed MD, Stephen Barrett, and the defunct National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).

What were you thinking?

Even a minor amount of research on the internet would have revealed Barrett for the nasty old crackpot, liar and deceiver, he actually is. You actually gave five paragraphs to this old fraud, and his poisonous spewing.  Shame on you for misinforming your 6,800 members like that. 

I'll give you six points YOU should easily have found on the internet, and evaluated, without ever leaving your chair  - before you used Barrett and the NCAHF as resources.

Quackbusters "Horse-Whipped" by Missouri Supreme Court...

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 - The North American "quackbuster"  operation is scrambling for survival - because, among other things, the American Court System is "horse-whipping" them.

I just received word about a new Supreme Court Case Decision involving an attack on an innovative health practitioner, Edward W. McDonagh, D.O., from Missouri, who had the common sense to use chelation therapy on his heart patients. 

Of course his patients got better, and of course the State, blindly following the recommendations, and the nonsensical statements, found on delicensed MD Stephen Barrett's ludicrous "" website, tried to take this dedicated healer's license to practice medicine away from him.

They failed.

The "Quackbuster's" Attack on Dental Medicine...

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005 - I'm a severe critic of the broken North American Health Care System.  For the most part, so far, I've focused my commentaries on the medical world.   I've not ignored the dental world - I just haven't given it all the attention it deserves.  From what I've seen, though, North American Dentistry may be in worse shape than Medicine.

Its common knowledge that "dentistry," as we know it, in North America is under siege. The American Dental Association's whole public presence reeks of the fear inherent in their ranks. Dental Boards, in each State, watch the doorways at meetings, worried that, suddenly, a citizen's group will figure out what they're up to, and come after them en masse, with a hangman's noose - so to speak.

Salem "Which" Hunt...

An Open Letter to the Editors of the Salem News...

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005 - Today I was forwarded a copy of your February 28th, 2005 online article titled "The Quack Catcher" by Staff Writer Julie Kirkwood. 

After my laughter died down - I asked myself "Which Robert Baratz are they talking about?  It couldn't be the well known hair removal and ear piercing specialist one who claims to be the president of the self-styled National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), for all over the internet is the REAL description of Baratz."

How could your reporter have missed so much obvious FACTUAL data?  How could your editors have missed it all?  I know it's hard to get good quality help - but really - Baratz's REAL story is easy to find...

Understanding "Codex"...

Sunday, February 20th, 2005 - I get a lot of e-mails, phone calls, and personal requests to "get involved" in the "Codex" problem.  Until today, you haven't heard anything from me on the subject.  Why?

Because, simply, I haven't yet figured out exactly what's happening with the whole thing.  I, myself, have been asking questions of my contacts all over the world.  I have a lot of contacts.

From my research, and it has only begun, and the research and observations of others whose opinions I respect, I've reached some tentative conclusions and, using the scientific method, have come up with a working hypothesis, and some possibilities for solution. I'm going to share my thinking, and observations, with you.

(1)  The "Codex" issue is NOT about stopping supplements worldwide.  It is about Big Pharma TAKING OVER, and completely controlling the supplement industry.

(2)  The "Codex" issue is NOT a "by itself" issue.  It is simply a symptom, and a manifestation, of a much larger problem.  What's happening on Planet Earth is that multinational corporations, now, are so large that they, in their daily business dealings, are much larger, and certainly more powerful than MOST of Earth's nations.  Those multinational corporations have set up the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the new world government, completely under their control.

New Zealand Counter-Assaults Big Pharma...

Saturday, February 19th, 2005 - The battle for reality in health care rages across Planet Earth.  Big Pharma, in its murderous greed, throws money at its minions like hail on a Kansas farm.  Despite massive cash infusions to protect their deadly interests - they are NOT winning. 

Attached is a story sent to me from New Zealand, detailing the efforts of the New Zealand Health Freedom Movement - where they are, so to speak, battering Big Pharma's goon squads in the streets...

LA Health Freedom Expo...

Friday, February 18th, 2005 - The North American Health Freedom Movement is exploding with activity.  Everybody knows the American Medical system is broken.  What happens next is up to us.

Almost everywhere on Planet Earth meetings are being held; all for the purpose of bringing reality into health care.  The world has suffered enough.

It's hard to tell who will kill "Western Medicine" first.  Will it be the North American Health Freedom Movement or will "Western Medicine" self-destruct.  Frankly, it's a toss-up.

Either one will work.  Planet Earth can't take much more.

Health Freedom:  CHELATION VICTORY in Connecticut...

Friday, February 17th, 2005 - Chelation therapy is now completely legal in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Medical Board, on Tuesday February 15th, 2005, was presented with a negotiated settlement in the Connecticut Health Department versus Robban Sica MD case.  The parties recommending this settlement were the Connecticut Department of Health (DOPH), the Connecticut Attorney General, Robban Sica MD and her attorneys, the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), and the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM).  The board accepted the recommendation.

I have to hand it to the people at DOPH.  They did a good job evaluating the evidence on chelation therapy - and were able to laugh off Big Pharma's "quackbuster" onslaught.  Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, a Massachusetts hair removal and ear piercing expert, the current president of the "quackbuster's" sunken flagship the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) had tried to screech his way into the case, with eight separate letters - but was soundly rejected by DOPH. 

"Stalker" Polevoy;  The Quackbuster's Nut Case?...

Friday, February 3rd, 2005 - Just a little north of the US border, in Waterloo/Kitchener, Ontario,  is the home, and acne care business, of Terry Polevoy MD, Canada's number one self styled "quackbuster."   Polevoy, well versed in bigotry and scare tactics, operates a "hate" operation.  His hatred is for those that espouse "alternative medicine," in any form.  His website,, is a miasma of crazy talk, odd colors and combinations, and a presentation that seems clearly out of the mind of a seriously disturbed individual.

Polevoy's favorite tactic is "stalking" his intended victims. 

Today, I'm filing a formal criminal complaint against Polevoy for his recent actions against me.  Knowing something of Polevoy's history I fear for my safety, and the safety of my family. I'm basing the complaint on a rash of activities by Polevoy over the last few months.  Polevoy, I believe, has serious mental problems

"Western Medicine:" The World Has Suffered Enough...

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005 - The five components of Western Medicine are guilty, in my opinion, of more crimes against humanity than any other entity in mankind's history. 

As we sit here, the very structure of western civilization is at risk because of the sheer murderous greed of the number (1) component of Western Medicine - Big Pharma.  Health Care costs in the the US and Europe have gone over the top, just because Big Pharma thinks it's OK to gouge.  US Seniors on a limited income have to make choices between food or drugs each month.  The Vioxx scandal points out just how murderous Big Pharma executives can become, in the name of profit. 

So many drugs are pushed through the average American's body each month that our water supply now contains a plethora of pharmaceuticals, simply because our sewer plant systems are unequipped, and were never designed to filter out any laboratory produced drugs, much less the volume it is faced with. 

The number (2) component, the American Hospital System, is the number one killer of Americans, with 783,936 deaths annually.  If you have to check a loved one into a hospital, plan on staying with them 24 hours a day - or there's a good chance you'll get them back in a bag.

The number (3) component, the health insurance insurance industry, charges you for a Rolls Royce, but delivers the K-Mart Blue Light special. 

The number (4) component, the Regulatory System for health care is completely corrupt.  The FDA, and the State Health Practitioner Regulatory Boards, are a waste of time. The FDA, recently, admitted that it can't protect Americans.  Medical boards are "Good Ole Boy" clubs designed to protect bad practitioners.

The number (5) component, the "quackbuster" operation, designed, and operated to inflict damage on competitors to components (1) and (2), has never been truly analyzed to determine the damage they've inflicted on North America.  But, that's beginning.

These five components of Western Medicine, make up the "Status Quo" in health care. 

Quackbusters "Shortt-Circuited" in South Carolina...

Friday, January 21st, 2005 - Generally speaking, I've always found that the word "inept" usually describes "quackbuster" leadership.  I've never been proven wrong.

The "quackbusters," or in this case the more aptly descriptive term "quackpots," are getting desperate for a victory.  They thought the Jim Shortt MD case in South Carolina would do the trick.  But it isn't happening for them.  Today was another example.

In a Courtroom in Columbia, South Carolina this morning, "quackbuster," hopes were SMASHED one more time.  I'm including excerpts from a message I received from one of our people there, about the occurrence:

Doctors Attack "60 Minutes" Shortt Story...

Sunday, January 16th, 2005 - CBS has a well deserved BAD reputation among News journalists.  It's a fact one considers when dealing with them.  Yet,  I wasn't a bit hesitant to let them into Jim Shortt's story - for good reason - the old adage "There's no such thing as bad press."

There's a war going on in North America between the forces of "Health" and "Medicine."  "Health" is winning, not because it has more money and power, but because the people of North America, and the world, have found out that there is a definite difference between the two - and that it is better to be healthy than medicated.

In fact, it is becoming clear that the two are opposites. 

The CBS "60 Minutes" story about Jim Shortt is accomplishing exactly what we want it to do - public reaction. 

One of those many reactions comes from a professional group of doctors who took the time to both analyze the accusations against Jim Shortt MD up front - and write a report, and then offered to speak, on camera, to CBS "60 Minutes" about their professional findings.  CBS ignored both their findings, and their offer to speak on camera.  I've included a copy of the letter from their President, Robert Rowan MD, below.

Why did CBS do that?  Good question. 

So, You Didn't Like the "60 Minutes" Jim Shortt MD Story...

Saturday, January 15th, 2005 - "60 Minutes" Producer Andy Court believes, strongly, that the piece on Alternative Medicine practitioner Jim Shortt that ran Wednesday January 12th, 2005 was "fair and balanced."  He called me, and told me so.

But from the phone calls, and e-mails, I'm getting, much of the real world doesn't agree with him.  They say it was a typical CBS - Dan Rather, "make up the news as you go along" report.  Something CBS is publicly known for.

Let me make something clear.  I believe Andy Court when he says he, himself, believes it was "fair and balanced."  A producer is only as good as his network.

And, just exactly how good is CBS?  Well, let me put this into perspective.

I turned my TV on just before 6:00PM, and I dialed in CBS News, knowing that "60 Minutes" would be on at 8:00PM.  I wanted to get the flavor of CBS - since I don't do much network television - for obvious reasons.  And, here is what I found...

Before the 12 minute Jim Shortt segment came on - CBS News ran almost two hours of somebody named Brad Pitt (whoever that may be) wearing blue sunglasses (at night), and a camel coat, arriving in a Japanese airport, signing autographs for screaming Japanese women - then going up an escalator, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again - for two hours...  That, virtually, was the sum total of their Network news. 

Except, of course for commercials.  50% of which were from Big Pharma.

"60 Minutes" to Air Jim Shortt MD Story Tonight...

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005 - Big Pharma's "quackbuster,"  operation went into overdrive a few months ago trying to find a story, any story, to take the heat off Merck's mass murder of over 55,000 Americans with their deadly "Vioxx" product.  Merck had been caught spending over 500 million dollars to mass market Vioxx after they were well aware, and took steps to cover up, Vioxx's  deadly characteristics. 

As yet, no arrests have been made of the Merck executives involved - or of the US Food & Drug (FDA) agents involved in the cover-up.

Now, we know, that the Vioxx number is closer to 139,000.  And, still no arrests.

The "quackbusters" we know, are Big Pharma's "black-ops," a program designed, and operated, to damage, and discredit, in any way possible, anything that competes with the drugs drugs, and more drugs version of health care.  It is currently run out of a New York ad agency.

The story the New York ad agency came up with was PATHETIC.  They attacked South Carolina MD Jim Shortt, falsely claiming that he had, somehow (not well explained), killed a patient using an intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

Health Care:  Can We "Take it Back" in 2005?...

Sunday, January 2nd, 2005 - The United States Health Care system, called "Western Medicine," is broken beyond repair.  It is so deadly, expensive, corrupt, inefficient, and riddled with "special interest" that there is, absolutely no starting point to use to begin to set it right. 

The government agencies WE THINK we put in place to monitor our health system have been completely corrupted by those "special interests."

The system needs to be completely shut down.   Americans would be far better off without it.  For, we don't own it anymore.

An Open Letter to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle....

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004 - Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle - It's time you took a hard line with the employees at your Department of Regulation and Licensing (DRL), with an eye towards a serious house cleaning.  The employees you have there simply ignore State policy, and common sense.  Incompetence, ignorance, and brutality have become virtue.

Many of us were disappointed when Donsia Strong Hill resigned as Secretary of DRL - for I'm sure she was on the right track.  But the frustrations of taking over, and the attempt to make changes, of an agency so obviously in the throes of corruption and incompetence, were, apparently, too much for her.

Although Strong Hill obviously started out with the best of intent, it soon became clear that she could not force long time employees, accustomed to a comfortable autonomy, into a framework. 

It became clear to me, that in Wisconsin, despite all of its Northern claims to equality and integration, it was, and is, impossible for a  black female to manage, and expect obedience and cooperation, from a staff of white middle-aged males comfortable in their world.  The DRL Staff simply thwarted her, and she was unable to force the issues.  "Racism" is alive and well in Wisconsin government.  For all practical purposes, DRL is still operating in the dark ages - in more ways than one.

And, that's not working for Wisconsin, because there are serious problems at DRL that need to be addressed.

Federally "Indict" Merck Executives...

Friday, December 3rd, 2004 - We need a health care "Nuremberg..."

Shortly after South Carolina MD Jim Shortt was falsely accused of killing a female Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient this year, supposedly by applying a Hydrogen Peroxide IV to get rid of viruses and bacteria, armed Federal, State, and local law enforcement agents, in almost a "Waco style" assault team, donned their body armor, their mirrored sunglasses, activated their Public Relations teams, and screamed and battered their way into Shortt's West Columbia, South Carolina clinic.  With guns and warrant on hand, they seized everything in sight. 

Although medical literature clearly shows that Hydrogen Peroxide IV, to get rid of viruses and bacteria, has been around for over ninety (90) years, and records show that over a million treatments have been made, with NO DEATHS, ever recorded, the mere "allegation" of death, false that it was, and made by an elected official with no medical training, caused a massive assault by US law enforcement.

Now let's get real here.  It looks to me that US law enforcement has a "policy" here of "zero tolerance" for death by a faulty health treatment.  If that's the case, than I think we should be soon watching a humungous raid of Big Pharma giant Merck.  For Merck, by US FDA investigation, has killed over 55,000 people with its Vioxx drug alone..

We learned from the US "Enron scandal," that we must hold industry leaders personally responsible for their actions - and that criminal indictments are an absolute necessity.

FTC Vindicates Hulda Clark....

Sunday, November 28th, 2004 - Research Scientist Hulda Clark, quietly this last weekend, attended the American College for Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) meeting in San Diego, California.  I was there also.  It was a superb meeting.

If there was a quiet smile on Hulda Clark's face, and there was, it was for two reasons:  (1) because her attorney, Carlos Negrete, had just informed her that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioners had signed a settlement agreement over an internet website issue involving Clark's name. 

The settlement agreement is a landmark, and sets guidelines for ALL internet sales of health products, and the method in which claims can be made.  For now.

The Long Story About Jim Shortt.....

Monday, November , 2004 - Several State of South Carolina employees, a County Coroner, a County Medical Examiner, an Oncologist, a self-styled CAM "lite" practitioner, a private practice attorney, and a newspaper reporter, found out, THE HARD WAY, last Thursday, November 18th, 2004, why it it's a really BAD idea to rely on any information sucked out of the internet site calling itself "" 

A South Carolina Judge explained it all to them...

California: Rejects "Conventional" Health Care Thinking.....

Monday, November 15th, 2004 - 2004 hasn't been a good year for conventional thinking in health care, anywhere.  If California is a world leader in new thinking, as it usually is, conventional health care (Medicine) is in for a hard road - one it justly deserves.

For in Election 2004, California overwhelmingly SMASHED conventional medicine in four separate ballot initiatives, clearly indicating a message - It's over for conventional thinking in health care.  What happened in California will happen throughout North America, and then throughout the world.  California is the fifth largest stand alone economy in the world.

Medscape - Your Credibility is on the Line... An Open Letter to MedScape

Saturday, November 13th, 2004 - It's hard to find legitimate resources for health information on the internet, these days.  So much available is just drivel.  The North American Health System is badly broken.  It's hard for consumers to get information they can trust.  The key to evaluation of information provided is simple.  A consumer simply asks "WHO is providing this information?"

With Medscape, a simple look at your Editorial Board, by a consumer, will instantly reduce your credibility to ZERO. 

Why?  As your first listed "Editor" you have North America's top health CRACKPOT, delicensed and failed MD Stephen Barrett, the author of the questionable website

Barrett, we know, along with his website, is currently named, among other things, in a racketeering (RICO) case in Federal Court in Colorado. 

He's also being sued for his nefarious activities in Ontario, Canada. 

In California, he's been FORMALLY discredited in Superior Court, and in a PUBLISHED Appeals Court decision, where he was described, by the three Judge panel, as "biased, and unworthy of credibility."

Yet, YOU have him, on your website, as your number one Editor.  Which, of course, speaks to YOUR credibility.

Wisconsin:  Just a Lull in the Battle...

Sunday, November 7th, 2004 - According to a major new study, 39,170 people die unnecessarily, and 301,513 have severe health problems in Wisconsin due to the problems inherent in the approved American Health Care System - and nothing is being done about it.  You can find out more about this by reading an earlier article called "The American Medical System is Broken."

Instead, as a matter of policy, Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) "health" prosecutors focus exclusively on two things, neither of which is the "unnecessary death" issue:  (1) stamping out those health practitioners (Innovators) who attempt to solve the health care system problems, and (2)  acting on behalf of health insurance companies who don't want to pay legitimate claims. 

 Schwarzenegger Attacks "Quackbusters"...

Saturday, October 30th, 2004 - The "quackbuster" operation, run out of a New York ad agency, isn't doing well in California... to say the least.

Many of my readers will remember, with amusement, the pieces I wrote about the "quackbusters" being humiliated in California when they sued over forty victims, using California Business & Professions Code 17200.  The NCAHF v. King Bio case was a classic.  It was there that top quackbusters Stephen Barrett and Wallace Sampson were declared in a three Judge Appeals court decision to be "biased, and unworthy of credibility."

Neither can we forget that it was, in another of those cases, that the NCAHF was ordered to pay over $100,000 in legal fees to one of their victims - and they haven't paid it yet.  It was during that period that the NCAHF's top attorney, Morse Mehrban, declared "I consider suicide daily..."

And, it isn't over for the quackbusters...

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined several citizen's groups in taking a formal stand against certain sleazy "quackbuster" activities.  The Governor, along with a citizen's group, "Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits (CSSL), is promoting California ballot Proposition #64, described by Schwarzenegger to accomplish the following:

Quackbusters Retreat to "Liar For Hire" Tactic in Connecticut?...

Thursday, October 21st, 2004 - Big Pharma, as the "drug" industry is known, has for years funded, and operated, a covert group commonly known as the "quackbusters" whose purpose is to stomp out competition to "drug therapies."  The operation is run out of a New York ad agency.  Previously successful, the "quackbuster" operation is now, not only facing stiff resistance, but is itself, facing attack.

The State of Connecticut is one of the newest battlegrounds for the future of North American health care.  There, the once unbeatable "quackbuster" operation, is attempting, one more time, to try and stamp out EDTA Chelation Therapy - and a practitioner who would dare to offer this, and other, amazing, and wildly successful, non-drug protocols.  They are using, and abusing, the Connecticut Department of Health (DOPH) to do the deed.

In an earlier article about the Connecticut health care war, "The "Health" Battle in Connecticut...", I wrote that DOPH, for what-ever reason, has decided to ignore the fact that "according to the “Death by Medicine,”  study, 2,036,884  Americans (23,968 in Connecticut) die UNNECESSARILY each year, due to the policies and procedures of “accepted” medical care.  The number of people "harmed" by "accepted" medical care is estimated at 20 times the death number.  The “status quo” in health care is definitely harming America.  And NOTHING is being done about it."

That’s right – NOTHING…Instead of dealing with these important issues, the DOPH is acting to protect the “status quo” in health care and is using its powers, those delegated to them by the people of Connecticut, to attack those health professionals who are trying to solve those problems of health care.

Rife With Possibilities...

Wednesday, October 14th, 2004 - If you've never been to a "Rife" Convention, a future of health care seminar featuring the work, and the spin-offs, of 1930s inventive genius Royal Raymond Rife, then you're not prepared to accept the Star Trek approach to health care. For you've no comparison, and no background, to comprehend the diagnostic and treatment methods used on the Starship Enterprise.

But, I do, for I've seen, and been to two "Rife" conventions now,  and one "Electro-Medicine" conference put on by the United Stated Air Force.  One of those "Rife" conventions, the most recent,  was in Seattle October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2004.  

Sell your pharmaceutical company stock.  The health future is upon us, and it won't be "by prescription."

Oh, no doubt there'll  be delays in implementation.  Big Pharma currently controls the thinking, and the enforcement actions, of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), period, so Big Pharma will be exerting their influence to slow the change.  But, it will happen.  It's inevitable.

Everybody in the industrialized world wonders why the United States, officially, is so far behind the rest of the world in health care offerings.  The last time I saw some printed figures, I think health care in the USA was comfortably rated, not near Europe or Asia, but somewhere in the top echelon of the better undeveloped third world countries.  In other words, officially, almost everybody has better health care than North America.

Why is that?

California Appeals Court, in Sinaiko Case, Stomps Quackbusters...

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004 - The California Medical Board v. Sinaiko case started in 1996, and hasn't ended yet... 

But for some time, for the "quackbusters," the Sinaiko case, has been the most devastating loss in their history - for with it, during it, and because of it, they lost ALL influence in California.   And worse for them, and good for California, with this case organized conventional medicine in California turned against them.  California is the fifth largest stand alone economy on Planet Earth.

And now, it's going to get even more devastating.

Seven days ago (September 30th, 2004) the Third California Appellate District issued a decision ordering the Sinaiko case back to the Medical Board saying:

 "In its next life, this case may raise fascinating issues involving the standard of care when a physician employs alternative therapies for children suffering from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or adults suffering from a wide assortment of hard-to-diagnose symptoms.  But in the writ proceedings now before us, we are presented with a more basic deprivation of due process -- the wholesale disqualification of petitioner’s experts."

Showtime in Allentown.....

Monday, October 4th, 2004 - It hasn't been a good year for Big Pharma.

There is a concerted effort to break Big Pharma's stranglehold on North American health care.  For example, just look at all the lawsuits aimed at that target, some filed by individuals, some by companies, some by big "Tort" law firms, and some by government agencies.

That "concerted effort" is working.

One of the INTERESTING battles is the one between the North American Health Freedom Movement, representing "Health," and Big Pharma's "quackbuster" operation, run out of a New York ad agency, representing "Medicine."

Despite their best efforts (snort) the "quackbuster" conspiracy, recently, has stumbled, tripped, and knee-wobbled its way through an ever increasing backlash against its project to deny North Americans adequate health care.   One of the best examples of this is the series of mega-problems being faced by the "quackbuster's" front man, and author of its notorious internet "bible," ( failed, and delicensed, MD Stephen Barrett

Barrett is in DEEP trouble.

Quackpot Plot Smashed in Canada...

September 25th, 2004 - Big Pharma lost another big battle last week. 

Everybody in North America knows that both the US FDA, and Health Canada, are owned and operated as private corporations by the pharmaceutical cartel. Nobody evens tries to hide that fact.  Nobody even argues against it.

But there's a counter movement afoot, in both Canada and the USA, to take back ownership of the government agencies we created for our purposes.  Part of that movement, is the organized campaign to rein in both Health Canada, and the FDA's "self-assigned" authority.  One of those projects paid off, handsomely, last week in a Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Court when the Court dismissed the last of 219 trumped-up "criminal charges" files by Health Canada against Strauss Herbs.

ICIM - Alt Med's "Top Gun" Training Program...

Monday, September 13th, 2004 - This October 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2004, I'll be in Atlanta Georgia, with several hundred of my friends at the annual International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) -  International Congress - and Joint Meeting with the International Oxidative Medicine Association. This year, it will be held at the JW Marriot Lenox Atlanta .. 

Several years ago I was invited to speak to this ICIM board, and membership, at their annual meeting.  The subject, at the time, was the Eleazar Kadile MD case in Wisconsin.  I had been brought into Wisconsin to organize the Kadile defense, and ICIM, because of their interest in issues, I had hoped to tap for resources.  It was a good move - for the ICIM membership was vibrant, and tuned in.  Their leadership was first-rate, and focused.  They clearly understood the Kadile case issues, and offered a myriad of assistance - including a massive fund-raising effort.  That fund-raising saved the day.

The Gathering of the Forces...

Saturday, September 11th, 2004 - This October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2004, I'll be in Seattle, Washington, with 500 of my friends at the annual RIFE 2004 International Health Conference. Like last year, it will be held at the DoubleTree Guest Suites Hotel - Southcenter.  There you'll find the future of health care - everything Big Pharma can't sleep at night over...

The "Health" Battle in Connecticut...

Friday, August 27th, 2004  - There is a war on in America over the future of health care.  It is, without doubt, a classic battle between good and evil.  Simply spoken, The forces of "Health" are determined to change the system to fit the needs of a modern day America..  The forces of "Medicine"  are determined, at any cost, to maintain the status quo.    There are several battles raging.  One of those is in Connecticut.

The "status quo"  (Medicine) is killing, and maiming, Americans.  The cost  of maintaining that "status quo" is too high.  According to a revealing new study I have on my desk, a compilation of recent government studies, called “Death by Medicine, conventional health care ("Medicine"), used in the “accepted” manner is now the number one killer of Americans. And number two (heart disease), and number three (cancer)…

This is horrible.

The population of the US is 294,116,135.  The population of Connecticut is 3,460,503.  Connecticut holds 1.1767% of the US population.  The numbers below, for Connecticut, are extrapolated from that percentage to show the seriousness of the problem locally.

According to the “Death by Medicine,  study, 2,036,884  Americans (23,968 in Connecticut) die UNNECESSARILY each year, due to the policies and procedures of “accepted” medical care.  The number of people "harmed" by "accepted" medical care is estimated at 20 times the death number.  The “status quo” in health care is definitely harming America.  And NOTHING is being done about it.

That’s right – NOTHING…

Black Days For Quackbusters...

Monday, August16th, 2004 - There's a change in the tide...

For years the battle to provide appropriate health care for Americans was fought by the "healers" and their support groups - one defensive action after another, with each individual interest group re-inventing the wheel, almost every time.  Then came the "activists," those who sort of understood the political system - they introduced legislation here and there.  Then came the "philosophers," and the "educators" - bringing social awareness.

But Big Pharma kept coming.  The stakes were high. 

Then the "business" class began to see the paradigm shift, and the realization that "Health" was a real competitor to "Medicine" came fully of age.  The supplement industry began to take a big bite. The non-drug groups beat their drums.  The electro-medicine tribe began their long march.

Big Pharma fought back. ...

Quackbusters Accused of "Racketeering" (RICO) in Colorado...

Thursday, August 12th, 2004

It happened today.

Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, his dubious website ","  Bobbie Baratz, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and a big chunk of the organized quackbuster conspiracy got themselves named in a lawsuit, in Colorado, for "were and are each employed or associated with an enterprise, and participated and participates in the conduct of the enterprise affairs through a pattern of  racketeering activity in violation of 18 USAC1962(c) and C.R.S. 18-17-104(3).  Said pattern of activity included and includes, but was and is not limited to, the preparation, publication, dissemination and transmittal of information by US Mail and by wire through internet websites by wire and other media which falsely represented the Plaintiff's product and technology, constituting a violation of 18 USC 1341, 1343, 1347 and 1349, and CRS 18-17-103(5)(a)..."

There IS a God...

According to the lawsuit, the Plaintiffs, CAVITAT Medical Technologies, Inc, and Robert J. Jones are suing the Defendant(s), Aetna, Quackwatch, NCAHF, Barrett, Baratz, Dodes, and Schissell on FIVE counts "(1) Publication of an Injurious Falsehood, (2)  Tortious interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (3) Negligent interference with a Prospective Business Advantage, (4) Interference with contract or prospective Contractual Relation, (5)  Federal and State RICO (18USCA 1961 et seq. and C.R.S. 18-17-104)."

I have a copy of the lawsuit on my desk (12 pages), and I LOVE the way it reads.  I've put a copy on my website.  It's a model, as far as I'm concerned, of the way a hundred other lawsuits should be filed against thequackbusters, all over North America.


The Wisconsin "Suster" Case:  Important to America...

Monday, July 19th, 2004 - This is a story about "prosecutorial misconduct."  It outlines the reasons, in graphic detail, why we, as Americans, have to pay close attention to the daily activities of those we delegate certain powers to - prosecutors.

There has been a lot of attention given in the last few years, in the United States, to issues of "prosecutorial misconduct."  So much so that the American Bar Association (ABA) set up a special task force to deal with the problem, and promoted a a bill in the US Congress to solve the issue. Their action was spurred by a rash of cases, nationwide, where Federal prosecutors decided that the US Constitution had no meaning for them in the pursuit of their interests. As many Americans know, though, that "misconduct" wasn't, and isn't, limited to the Feds.  

In Wisconsin, for instance, it was found that two unsupervised, out-of-control, prosecutors in the health division of the Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) were trying to out-do Federal prosecutors with their own version of "prosecutorial misconduct."  The two...

I've Finally Met Stephen Barrett...

Thursday, July 29th, 2004 - I've Finally Met Stephen Barrett...  And, I'm underwhelmed.

I was in Allentown, PA yesterday at a hearing where delicensed MD Stephen Barrett was testifying.  I was there to testify against him, as an "impeachment" witness, should it be necessary.  Barrett was trying to convince a three judge hearing panel that there is a conspiracy against him to defame him, and prevent him from continuing his so-called "anti-quackery" work.  Barrett's testimony was as pathetic as his personal appearance.

I find it difficult to accept that in our modern society, an adult male, claiming to be an industry professional, would show up in a legal hearing seven weeks beyond a haircut, and ten days beyond the last time he washed his hair.

Canadian "Friends of Freedom" Assault "Health Canada..."

Sunday, July 4th, 2004 - Canadians don't mess around, apparently, when it comes to demanding their rights as citizens.  Individual Canadians seem to have the idea that THEY are the government, not those hirelings (like Health Canada) they put in place to do their bidding.  That thinking is very evident in several court cases filed recently all over Canada where certain citizens, and groups like "Friends of Freedom," are taking on "Health Canada," our Northern neighbor's version of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

I approve, and applaud, their actions.

Everyone knows that the leadership of both the the US FDA and Health Canada are in bed with "Big Pharma."  They don't even bother to hide it.  The US FDA is no more than an assault squad targeting competitors to "Big Pharma's" competitors for US health dollars.  Period.

The SF-36 Project...

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 - It's time for us to get together to beat up the "quackbusters" again.

As you know, I've become an expert on how the REAL "quackbusters" operate.  I know "who" they are, "what" they are, "where" they are, and "when" and "how" they operate.  I've carefully researched the "quackbuster's" Modus Operandi, and because of that, when I get involved in a project, using that information, THEY LOSE, and the world hears about it...

So far, we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement have successfully attacked, and dismantled, the "quackbuster's" ability to simply show up, make wild-eyed statements about health care, and damage some leading-edge health professional.  Look what happened to Stephen Barrett and Wallace Sampson in California over the NCAHF v. King Bio case, or what happened to little Bobbie Baratz, Massachusetts's most famous hair-removal expert, when he showed up in Wisconsin.  Their "expert witness" system has been stopped cold.

Now, We're Going to Hit Them Even Harder, in Another Part of Their Plan...

Read on, and I'll show you how. 

Wisconsin:  Polewski Pummeled Profusely...

Friday, June 11th, 2004 - Tuesday, June 8th and Wednesday, June 9th, 2004 were not good days for Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) prosecutor James Polewski.  He would have been better off staying home in bed.

Polewski was supposed to be, those two days, prosecuting a case against Green Bay Biological Dentist Richard (Rick) Vander Heyden DDS.  But, he didn't seem to have come prepared for the event.

But, Rick Vander Heyden came prepared - and it showed.

I'm glad I was there to see it.  A room full of health activists and Rick Vander Heyden's patients from all over the State were there.   Assemblyman Frank Lasee (R-Green Bay) came for the show.  Rick, who was defending himself, asked me to sit next to him and help him stay organized during the hearing.  Of course I did that - and it turned out to be the best seat in the house.

It certainly got interesting.  There were several times during the two days when it appeared Polewski was going to blow apart from frustration.  The Administrative Law Judge had to give him several fifteen minute breaks so he could, literally, run from the room, to do we-know-not-what, in a hurry.  All during the hearing he scratched, fidgeted, twitched, shook, weaved, dipped, whirled, bumped, and butt-hopped.  He was, DEFINITELY, NOT A HAPPY  MAN.  

Wisconsin:  Preparing for the Vander Heyden Case...

Sunday, June 6th, 2004 - The Administrative hearing set up by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) in the Vander Heyden matter will begin at 9:00 am Tuesday, June 8th and continue through June 9th, 2004, at the DRL offices - 1400 East Washington, Madison, WI.  Check with the front desk for the meeting room.

Health activists from around Wisconsin will be attending, for good reason.  This prosecution, in Wisconsin, is the "quackbuster's" latest effort to twist the regulatory process to fit their desire to destroy innovation in health care.

The prosecutor in this case, James Polewski, brags of his membership in the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and has sworn to uphold, and promote, that organization's view of health care.  The NCAHF corporate offices, we know, after having been evicted from Loma Linda University in California several years ago, now reside in a cardboard box in its current president, Robert Baratz's, hair removal and ear piercing salon in Braintree, Massachusetts. Polewski also brags that he has no supervision at DRL.

Wisconsin: The Vander Heyden Case...

Monday, May 31st, 2004 - A couple days ago I wrote an article called "The American Medical System is Broken..."  The material for it, the original study called "Death by Medicine," sat on the corner of my desk for months.  The material was so shocking, even for a skeptic of the medical system like me, that I simply needed to digest it.  I needed to think about what it all meant - for the study makes it crystal clear that organized medicine is the number one killer of Americans.

And number two, and number three...

"Facts" are undeniable.  They speak louder than simple words.  The old adage "actions speak louder than words," is never more true, than in this indictment of the American Health Care System.

In legal jargon, what has happened with this report, is that the elusive, movable, medical definition of "Standard of Care," has been set in concrete - with facts.  Simply, it is the "Standard of Care" in the United States to allow 115,000 American citizens to die, within the system, of "bedsores" every year.  It is the "Standard of Care" in the United States to allow 108,800 American citizens to die, within the system, of "malnutrition" every year.  It is the "Standard of Care" in the United States to allow 199,000 American citizens to die, within the system, of "outpatient adverse reaction to drugs" every year.  It is the "Standard of Care" in the United States to allow 88,000 American citizens to die, within the system, of "infection" every year. 

And so on...

How can I define the information in this comprehensive report (Death by Medicine) as the definition of "Standard of Care?"    For four reasons:  (1)  These people all died within the system.  These weren't people without access to medical care.  These people had access to the American Medical System - and THAT is what killed them.  (2) The problems described in the report range over many, many years.  (3)  The organized medical establishment has been aware of these issues for as many years.  (4)  Organized medicine has chosen to do NOTHING about the problems - therefore, they have accepted these problems as normal, and acceptable.  Hence, the facts represented in "Death by Medicine" are, in fact, organized medicine's recognized "Standard of Care."

What does THIS definition of "Standard of Care" mean to "alternative" practitioners?


Who, in their right mind would tell their patients that "I operate my practice according to acceptable 'Standard of Care' guidelines.  I let 105,000 of my patients die of 'bedsores' every year..."

"Alternative" practitioners, meaning those offering "alternatives" to the deadly American Medical System, should, from this moment on declare loudly "I practice OUTSIDE of the accepted "Standard of Care.'  None of my patients have adverse drug reactions, none of them die of malnutrition, none of them die from infections gotten from a hospital, none of my patients get unnecessary surgery or unnecessary procedures, and my patients have no idea what bedsores look like - they're all out playing golf."

Which Brings Me to Rick Vander Heyden's Case in Wisconsin...

The American Medical System is Broken...

Thursday, May 27th, 2004 - Everybody knows that the US MEDICARE System will go belly-up in the year 2011.  It's going to be, at that point, so costly that the United States simply won't be able to afford it anymore. Foreign owned "Big Pharma" is bleeding us to death.

American corporations, right this moment, are cutting back their health care offerings.  No one can afford the skyrocketing costs.  Foreign owned "Big Pharma" is bleeding us to death.

Health Insurance companies are desperately trying to reduce provider expenditure - and because of that, Americans are being offered a poorer, and poorer, quality of health care.  Everything NEW is being banned.  Foreign owned "Big Pharma" is bleeding us to death.

But, more shocking, is that the system itself is a deadly rip-off of gigantic proportion.  A new study, a compilation of most recent studies, called "Death by Medicine," says: 

Wisconsin Update...

Friday, May 21, 2004 - I’m back in Wisconsin again, for good reason.  The quackbuster cancer has come back.  We didn’t get it all.

In Wisconsin, we tried surgery.  The Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) Secretary, Donsia Strong Hill had, previously, told the whole State; legislators, media, the Health Freedom Movement, and the public-at-large that “Alternative medicine was NOT going to be singled out, in Wisconsin.”  With the settlement of the Kadile case, the dropping of the Waters case, the cessation of action against NAET, and a few other cases disappearing, we were lulled into comfort and security. 

We thought the cancer was gone.  It has begun all over again.  The "quackbusters," we know, are a subversive organization formed, and funded by twenty-six drug companies, after the American Medical Association (AMA) was ordered by the Federal Court to cease its covert operation against the Chiropractic profession.  Their job is to harass market competitors to the drug treatment paradigm.  I believe they are run out of a New York ad agency.

Homeopaths Now "Own" the Quackbusters...

Sunday, May 16, 2004 - A few years ago a couple of quackpots strutted into a courtroom (or two) in Los Angeles, California fully intending to "end, for all time, alternative health practices"  in California, by using California's Business & Professions Code section 17200 (fraud in advertising).

Over forty cutting edge supplement companies were brutally sued by the Braintree, Massachusetts based National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) who, in court documents, made some of the weirdest, and most wild-eyed, legal claims, possibly ever heard in the California Court System.

In the first case that came to court, the NCAHF v. King Bio case,  the quackbusters pulled out all the stops, and brought in their two TOP people, Stephen Barrett and Wallace Sampson, to testify, hoping, I suppose, to set the stage for the other defendants to cave in, get out their checkbooks, and write big-denomination numbers to get the quackbusters off their backs.

Yep, the quackbusters, I believe, saw that lawsuit series as the way to refill their dwindling coffers, get themselves some real money in "expert witness" fees, and hammer AltMed in a big way....

Well, as you may remember, it didn't work out quite like they hoped.  Barrett, Sampson and the NCAHF limped out of the courtroom, having suffered everything a Judge can give, short of a fist-in-the-mouth.  The quackbusters were humiliated that day, big time, and I was right there to write about it.

Top "Non-Drug" Cancer Researcher Under Attack, Again...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 - Independent Research Scientist Hulda Regehr Clark PhD is the most frightening woman in the world to "Big Pharma."  Her five best-selling books provide scientific basis, and argument, for significant social change in North American Health Care. Clark severely criticizes current cancer methods.  She says that the whole "War on Cancer" is an expensive, and deadly, scam. I'm not surprised she's under attack, once again.

And, under attack she is...

Attached to this article, are two letters recently written by Hulda Clark, which she has allowed me to make public.  Read them.  One is called "Hulda Clark's 4/14/04 Letter to the San Diego US Attorney," and the other is called "Hulda Clark's 4/20/04 Letter to Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen.

Hulda Clark, in her books and speeches, is a world leader in criticizing the current state of health care in North America.  For instance, she says that the whole emphasis in Cancer Research is wrong - that the emphasis on "finding a new drug" to 'treat' cancer", is nonsense - that the emphasis needs to be on "finding the cause of cancer, and removing those causes."  

Hulda Clark's 4/21/04 Letter to Tim Bolen...

April 21, 2004 - Dear Tim,

You were asking about news from Mexico. Here it is: or should I say “Here’s the news from one arm of the Mexican contingent of cancer researchers.”   

I know you have more readers than I ever could have, so if I want people to know about this, your websites and newsletters are the best.  

Our former patients, at Century Nutrition, are currently being called by FDA investigators to tell them that they, the FDA, are doing a criminal investigation of me. Some, or all, get questionnaires to fill out (about 5 or 6 pages) and at the end, there is room for comments.  

Well, are those patients angry! Many threw away the questionnaires, tore them up or torched them. I would like them, the former patients, to know that they should answer the questionnaire, and be totally truthful. We have nothing to hide, and everything to gain, by telling the truth, as clearly, and concisely, as possible.  This new investigation of my activities is sure to benefit all of us in Mexico because the FDA is going about it the right way. 

10,000 Canadian deaths per year caused by Health Canada's hiding drug reaction information...

(Note:  Here is a Guest Editorial by Anthony Stephen, one of the top Health Freedom activists in Canada, detailing the fight of Canadian citizens to take back control of Health Canada from Big Pharma.  As you can see by the article, Canadian Health Freedom is doing very well...)

Thursday, April 08, 2004 - Here is the recent House of Commons Standing Committee report detailing the 10,000 Canadian deaths per year caused by Health Canada's hiding drug reaction information. So far the Canadian Medical Association, the courts, and now the Standing committee on Health have exposed them.

In Wisconsin - The "Narrative" Says It All...

Friday, March 26, 2004 - Finding the Suster case (Wisconsin DRL v. Suster) was like finding gold.  For in it, are all the elements wherein health insurance companies are involved in the suppression of new things in health care.  Below is a "Narrative" recently filed in that DRL v. Suster case.  It says a lot about the corruption in our Administrative Law system.

The "Narrative" also points out how sleazy health insurance companies really are, and how far they'll go to NOT pay claims.

Wisconsin is the "Test Case..."

March 7th, 2004 - Wisconsin has, for the last several years, been a "showdown" between the waning quackbuster forces and the emerging, and awakening, North American Health Freedom Movement.  To some, the problems in Wisconsin represent a microcosm of the whole health situation on the North American continent. To me, the study of how the quackbusters entrenched themselves in Wisconsin, brought out valuable, and usable, information on how to beat the quackbusters - everywhere.

Recently, purely by accident, in Wisconsin, we discovered another important aspect of the suppression of cutting-edge health care - the health insurance industry.  Oh, we knew the health insurance industry doesn't want to pay for new things, but we never knew, or understood, the extent they'd go to to damage a provider of cutting-edge health care.  Below, you'll read about how we found out.  You'll also read what the health insurance people did to a health practitioner who found a way to demand payment using the US Government.

A few years ago the “quackbusters” owned health care in Wisconsin.  For them, it was a Model State.  Everything went their way. A simple phone call could, and did, bring the wrath of the State down on the head of any health practitioner who had the audacity to offer a health paradigm criticized by Stephen Barrett on his goofball website 

But those days are over.

The Stuart Suster MD Case - the Most Sadistic, Vicious, and Cruel So-Called Prosecution I’ve Ever Seen…

 February 28th, 2004 - I'm reading court documents involving, and surrounding, a case called "Wisconsin DRL v. Suster."  I've got a file box full of documents at my feet, all of which I've read, and I'm, literally, STUNNED at what I'm seeing. 

Stuart Suster MD of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a pain management specialist, billed several health insurance companies for two different "Alternative Therapies" railed against by the quackbusters, and demanded payment.  It wasn't long before Arthur Thexton, a well known "quackbuster" prosecutor for the Wisconsin department of Regulation and Licensing (DRL), entered the picture.

This case, I believe, is an example of what can happen when "we the people" aren't VERY CAREFUL about who we give authority to, to act on our behalf.  In this case, every rule of fair play has been thrown out.  This case, "Wisconsin DRL v. Suster." is a "railroad" - a sheer, arrogant abuse of State power by unprincipled, unregulated employees.

Arthur Thexton,wins my nomination for the Gold Medal for Sadistic and Vicious Behavior Disguised as a Prosecution, for his actions in the Wisconsin DRL v. Suster case.  Hands down – no competition.   

I see cases against practitioners all over North America, and the Wisconsin DRL v. Suster case is, by far, the worst thing I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Thexton, for this case alone, should lose his job at DRL, and his license to practice law, for what he’s done to Stuart and Mary Suster.  Ruby Jefferson Moore, the so-called Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), in the case, deserves some serious review..., if not legal disbarment, herself.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle Hammers "Big Pharma's FDA..."

Friday April 25, 2014 - The State of Wisconsin, from the Governor on down, is not friendly to the "status quo" in health care.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has joined the ranks of Americans, in public office, openly defying Food and Drug Administration (FDA) edicts about Americans buying Canadian prescription drugs on the internet.  The FDA has issued an edict informing Americans that it is illegal to purchase  prescription drugs from Canadian sources on the internet.

Wisconsin:  Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water...

February 6th, 2004 - Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) “quackbuster” prosecutors Arthur Thexton, and James Polewski, in a series of actions, are openly defying new DRL policies set down by recent Governor’s appointee, new DRL head Donsia Strong Hill.  In this test of wills, it will be interesting to see who wins – the Governor of Wisconsin, or the “quackbusters.”

I’m going to tell you about this “test of wills” in two parts.  First this article, then, in a separate article not far behind this one, the rest of the story.  The second story, titled “The Stuart Suster MD Case - the Most Sadistic, Vicious, and Cruel So-called Prosecution I’ve Ever Seen…” will chill you.  You will find it hard to believe that an agency would allow one of its employees to use their power in such a horrible way.  Then I’ll tell you what we’re going to do about this case, and get Stuart Suster’s life back.

Wisconsin:  Tough Decision Time...

January 31, 2004 - Arthur Thexton, one of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) prosecutors who embraced the “quackbuster” crackpot theory of health care, limped out of a hearing in Room 179a, after lunch yesterday, looking very much like a man who’s suddenly seen his rocky-road future.   

The hearing, called to determine “costs, and allocation of costs,” in the State of Wisconsin v. Kadile case, didn’t go well for Thexton.  Thexton is the one who had brought in hair removal and ear piercing specialist Robert S. Baratz, the current president of the discredited National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), as the do-all, be-all expert witness in the Kadile case.  Thexton had paid Baratz about $70,000 in so-called “expert witness” fees out of the Wisconsin Medical Board’s limited funds.  Baratz’s wild-eyed opinions, coupled with equally ludicrous crackpot offerings by Stephen Barrett, who was paid about $3,500 for his drivel in the case, had caused the State to spend over $165,000 on the unsuccessful prosecution.  Kadile’s “defense” cost over $300,000.

Wisconsin:  The Quackbuster’s “Waterloo?…”

January 25th, 2004 - Just a few years ago, in Wisconsin, leading-edge health practitioners were at risk offering effective alternatives to the deadly drugs/surgery paradigm.  The “quackbusters” ruled State health care with an iron hand.  Anyone who dared offer real solutions to suffering patients, and caught the attention of Wisconsin’s anti-health minions, paid a heavy price.

In the world-wide war between “health” and “medicine,” Wisconsin’s throat was most definitely under the heel of jack-booted “medicine” minions. But not any more...

The State v. Eleazar Kadile MD chelation case woke up local health activists, and was the focal point for the breaking of the quackbuster’s power within the State of Wisconsin.  For it was that case that put the quackbusters themselves on trial – and they didn’t survive the experience.

Washington State Introduces New Health Freedom bill - HB 2355...

A Guest Editorial by Monty Kline PhD - January 17th, 2004 - A new bill has been introduced into the Washington State House of Representatives – January 2004.  It's called the Access to Complementary/Alternative Health Care Act, a “Practitioner Freedom/Consumer Protection” measure.

Background  - Numerous studies demonstrate that millions of Americans of all demographic groups receive a substantial part of their health care services from complementary and alternative health care practitioners.  The Eisenberg Study (JAMA 1998;280:1569-1575) found that over 50% of the people in the Western United States use some form of complementary or alternative health care.  At this time many complementary/alternative approaches are being proven safe and effective, while even the Journal of the American Medical Association is reporting that conventional medical and drug approaches are the third leading cause of death in America (JAMA 2000;284:483-485).

The "Wisconsin Project" is NOT over...

January 14th, 2004 - The important issue in Wisconsin has always been that TWO State employees, Arthur Thexton and James Polewski, both Prosecutors at the Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL), had openly, and brazenly, without permission or consultation with their superiors at DRL, embraced, and agreed to promote, and ENFORCED as though they had merit in law, the CRACKPOT health positions of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters."   

Polewski actually bragged of his membership in the fully courtroom-discredited National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF). Thexton had actually used Robert S. Baratz, the current president of the so-called NCAHF, an organization of doubtful origin and pedigree, currently run out of Baratz's Braintree, Massachusetts hair-removal and ear-piercing salon, as an advisor and expert witness for the State of Wisconsin, and paid him a LOT of Wisconsin money...

Wonders never cease.

Quackbusters Defeated in Wisconsin - AGAIN...

January 13th, 2004 - Taking "quackbuster" (quackpot) advice can be dangerous to your public career. That's what Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) Prosecutor Arthur Thexton has found out the hard way. His connection with, and the use of, the "quackbusters," has led him down the path into much tighter control of his daily activities, and a series of HUMILIATING losses in the Wisconsin Court System. He is also facing years of personal legal actions filed against him for his activities.

But, he can't say he wasn't warned...

Prescription Drug Benefit Under Medicare...

A Guest Editorial by Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus,  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

January 9th, 2004 - By now you must believe you have heard every possible objection and outrage to the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit plan of 2003 that is now law.  The loudest screams are opposites: that there are gaps in the benefit, the “doughnut hole”, which should be plugged, and the maximum benefit should be set higher, meaning that it ought to cost us taxpayers more.  Others cry that drugs cost too much, that the plan is a drug company subsidy, so costs should be forced down because drugs are in the same class as a public utility.  The drug companies object that this will stifle all innovation.

What you and I have not heard in the mainstream media is the naked emperor kind of truth: several of the largest classes of drugs have no real benefits and should never have been approved by the FDA.  Many have side-effects that are so serious that the resulting hospitalizations and deaths cost more than the drugs.  The sale of prescription medicines in the United States exceeded $73 billion in 1994. Two researchers from the University of Arizona conclude that preventable illness and death from the misuse of these medicines cost the American economy over $75 billion that year; if lost productivity is included the cost rises to between $138 billion and $182 billion annually.

Busting the Quackbusters: The Plan for 2004...

January 6th, 2004 - In 2004, the North American Health Freedom Movement needs to take a HARD LINE AGAINST the "suppression" of new health care. Where a new idea, paradigm, product is blocked, harassed, intimidated, or what-ever, in favor of the status quo, we need to take appropriate action against those responsible.  No matter who it is.

The war between "health" and "medicine" is a life or death struggle. 

Forcing Americans to die to support the concept that a new health regimen, product, etc., must be bureaucratically "accepted" or "proven" before it can be used is, without a doubt, PREMEDITATED MURDER - and we need to deal with it as such.

Australian Health Freedom Movement Gears Up For War...

December 19th, 2003 - This important story is about how well the Australian Health Freedom Movement is organizing its campaign. In a minute I'm going to send you to read a well written article by Eve Hillary titled "Casualties of Corporate Medicine - The Jennie Burke Story."

Eve Hillary's article clearly, and simply, using the story of Jennie Burke, explains the political situation facing leading-edge health practitioners "Down Under." Eve tells the story of "who, what, where, when, and how"  big pharma has organized its Australian anti-health campaign.

Quackbusters: "Bullys" Barrett, Baratz, Sued For 1.3 Million in Canada...

December 12th, 2003 - Bullying isn't all that profitable these days. In fact, as self named "quackbusters" Stephen Barrett (, and Bobbie Baratz (, are finding out, it can, and will, be downright expensive...

Wisconsin Quackpot Prosecutor Sued in Fed Court...

December 7th, 2003 - Arthur Thexton, the Wisconsin Prosecutor who was recently humiliated in the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) v. Kadile case, has been sued by another MD in the State of Wisconsin. When I read the NEW case, the charges against Thexton, and the surrounding documents, all of which I'm making available for you to read, I couldn't help but shake my head in wondering.

Thexton has just finished being demolished in the Kadile case in Wisconsin, where Thexton spent $165,000 of the State's money, falsely prosecuting Kadile, using as the accuser, case advisor, and "expert witness," the well known crackpot Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, whose medical/dental career has sunk so low his current income source, besides testifying, is the operation of a hair removal and ear piercing salon in Braintree Massachusetts, from which address he also runs the dubious National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).  Now, Thexton has moved right on to another Wisconsin State debacle.  He's apparently prosecuting an MD in a billing dispute with a health insurance company.  Thexton is acting on behalf the insurance company,  and, he's using taxpayer funds to do it.

Isn't anybody at the helm in Wisconsin?

State of Wisconsin Officially Dumps Quackbusters... and Allows Chelation Therapy

November 26th, 2003 - The State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) has, officially, dumped the "quackbusters" as their consultant on health care issues. This ends a ten year reign-of-terror within Wisconsin where, previously, health care investigators, and prosecutors had been trained to use the dubious website "," or "" as resources for health information.

A CBS News "I-Team" report, titled "State Drops Case Against Alternative Medicine Doctor," pretty well sums up the end of the quackbuster reign in Wisconsin State health politics. The TV broadcast started out to say "The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board unanimously voted by phone Friday to put an end to the state's nine-year-old case against a Green Bay doctor." Then it said "It's a victory for freedom of choice, and I think it's a victory for complimentary and alternative medicine and, quite frankly, I think it's a victory for Dr. Kadile, personally,"

In Wisconsin: The Exception Proves the Rule...

November 21st, 2003 - Well, I was proven wrong on something - and I'm very pleased it happened. It happened in Wisconsin.

I have a jaundiced view of the media, especially national media. I wrote about this a few months ago in article called "Big Pharma Doesn't Own the Media..."

So when members of the Wisconsin Association for Health Freedom (WAHF) thought about approaching CBS affiliate Channel 3's "I-Team" in Madison about the quackbuster onslaught in their State, I was supportive, but not real enthusiastic. To me, TV has a fleeting sense, and doesn't take the time to examine an issue, unless there's a lot of blood, a car chase, bare skin, or inter-marriage between species. There is also that segment of the media who likes "shock" and has no compunctions about charging into your life with a camera, and making you look as bad as possible for their audience.

CBS Airs "Sniveling Quackbuster" Expose'...

November 19th, 2003 - I have to hand it to CBS. They were able to capture, on Television, the true ESSENCE of quackbusterism, it's REAL meaning, and the TRUTH of quackbuster existence.

In the second day of their special investigative report, CBS played the tape of little Bobbie Baratz, The PRESIDENT of the not-so-illustrious National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) crying his heart out, sniveling, and sniffling his way through testimony (and life). Thank God we had the presence of mind to tape the TV show, for the laughter was SO contagious while viewing the show, it had to be replayed several times on VHS to get the full flavor of the event.

CBS Nukes Wisconsin Quackbuster Assault...

November 18th, 2003 - Who says the national media isn't interested in the attack on Alternative Medicine? If it was YOU, don't say it any more, because it just happened in Madison, Wisconsin.  And, it wasn't that hard to accomplish.

Wisconsin Negotiations Break Down - Trial to Resume...

November 12th, 2003 - Negotiations in the Wisconsin DORL v. Kadile case have broken down, and the trial is about to resume with the continuation of the cross-examination of the State's ONLY witness, the dubious Bobbie Baratz, a Massachusetts hair removal specialist.

And, that'll be FUN...

AMA Bashes Quackpots...

November 8th, 2003 - I'm suggesting to you that you spend $12 at the American Medical Association (AMA) website to read, and download, an OFFICIAL AMA COMMENTARY, and an absolutely SHOCKING article BASHING the quackbusters.  In fact, the word "bashing" is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  The AMA couldn't have made it's OFFICIAL position on the quackbuster's attack on AltMed any clearer.

The Quackbusters would like to give us the impression that they represent American mainstream medical thinking, when in fact they do not...

Quackbuster Report Card: D(-) and Sinking Fast...

November 2nd, 2003 - Everybody in the North American Health Freedom Movement knows who the "quackbusters" are. It's been said, often, "If you're not on Stephen Barrett's dubious "quackwatch" website, then you're NOT IMPORTANT in REAL health care. The more space he gives you, the bigger the threat you are."

But the question that's always there is "who's winning the war - us, or them?"

Well, believe it or not, the US Government did a survey through the National Science Foundation (NSF), in 2001, about our war, and the results will ASTOUND you.

Quackpot Barrett Thrashed in Illinois High Court... 

October 30th, 2003 - The "Essence of America" is alive and well in Illinois.  

A three Judge panel of the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, today, issued a decision in the "Stephen Barrett v. Owen Fonorow" case. Barrett had lost his original case against Owen in District Court and filed an appeal, apparently trying to get the Illinois Appeals Court to re-write federal law and counter a decision previously handed down by a Federal Court.

Barrett was MANGLED by the Judges.

A Practical Recommendation for Dealing With "Quackbusters..."

October 29th, 2003 - Normal, mentally healthy, citizens from all over the world send me copies of e-mail exchanges they've had with "quackbusters." I'm always amused, and I always advise the same thing - "Do Not get involved in e-mail exchanges with these people."

Wisconsin Health Activists Demand Change - Legislature Reacts...

October 16th, 2003 - Things are not going well for two Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) prosecutors, Arthur Thexton and James Polewski. Their world, and their relationship with the notorious "quackbuster" operation, is under intense scrutiny by the people of Wisconsin. They are not going to survive the experience.

Big Pharma: America Strikes Back...

October 11th, 2003 - Despots, worldwide, hate America and everything it stands for, for one simple reason - Americans say "No" to totalitarianism. In America, people demand to think for themselves, and make decisions based on their observations.

Big pharma, worldwide, is trying to be planet earth's newest despot. They almost made it. But they didn't count on the North American Health Freedom Movement blocking their efforts to make humanity "drug-dependent" on a grand scale. They didn't realize that Americans would see big pharma's efforts to gouge a huge chunk out of our economy as a "criminal act."

The Battle in Wisconsin Rages On...

October 8th, 2003 - The quackbuster's latest assault, the attack against Green Bay Physician Eleazar Kadile MD has been stopped DEAD in it's tracks. All that's left is the settlement agreement, and the punishment that's going to be exacted on the perpetrators.  

"Health Freedom" and "Quackbusters" Switch Roles -  in California Supreme Court Case...

September 22nd, 2003 - We've come full-circle...

When the self-named "Quackbusters" stumbled around, years ago, to find a derisive name to call their victims, they picked the word "Quack," without ever bothering to discover it's origins.  Its original meaning, from Europe, comes from the term "quacksalver" which was used to describe Dentists who were dumb enough to use mercury (a poison) as fillings for teeth.  Look at propagandist, and "Quackbuster" king-pin, Stephen Barrett's website (, and you'll find that HE IS IN FAVOR of mercury (amalgam) tooth fillings.  Barrett, his cronies, and minions, are not known to do intelligent research.

Cure vs. Treatment...

September 21st, 2003 - Big pharma is in a death struggle in North America, trying to preserve its operation. It has taken years, and billions of dollars of investment, to set in place "Treatment," not "Cure", as the health modality of North America. There hasn’t been a "Cure" for ANYTHING in Western Medicine since polio in 1954. Big pharma doesn’t want one. "Curing" people doesn’t make any money. "Treatment" does.  Treatment" meaning treatment with drugs.

"Treatment" deals with, and masks, symptoms of a problem.  "Cure" means finding the cause of the problem and removing it 

The Most-Attacked Health Advocate On the Face of The Earth...

September 20th, 2003 - Big pharma is in trouble in America.  They're losing the battle between health and medicine.  They're fighting a desperate, and evil, battle. But, despite the fortune they're spending, they're not going to win.  The North American Health Freedom Movement is too much for them.

Big pharma, through their "quackbuster" operation run out of a New York advertising agency, has designed, and executed, a program to "do in" those that cut into their obscene profits. The whole supplement industry, as well as oxygen therapies, colloidal silver, electro-medicine, etc., for instance, is targeted.  Laboratories and testing devices are under attack.  Even activists are under attack.  Big pharma writes a lot of checks. 

"Operation Cure-All" Doesn't Exist?...

September 17th, 2003 - Last week I called the Press contact for what is supposedly a combined FTC/FDA project calling itself "Operation Cure-All" and asked some basic journalistic questions, like; "Where are the offices of "Operation Cure-All? Who is the Director? If it has a committee, when does it meet? Can I get a copy of it's mission statement? How is it funded? How many employees does it have? What's the phone number? Who decides what companies get targeted?"

After all, if you look on the internet on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) web page, it certainly appears that "Operation Cure-All" is a re-incarnation of Elliot Ness's assault on Al Capone in the 1920s...

Guess what the Press contact told me?

Big Pharma Fears Electricity...

September 11th, 2003 - There's an interesting situation going on in the war between "health" and "medicine" in the United States.  Big pharma is in a panic over electricity.

Yup.  Electricity.

Not the kind of electricity that caused the big NorthEast power blackout this year.  But the kind that gets applied to the human body, either as an investigative tool or as a immune system stimulator, as an electronic acupuncture, or as an energy field, or whatever.  

Big Pharma Doesn't Own the Media...

September 8th, 2003 - One of the questions I most often get asked is one version, or another, of the plea "How does a loser like Stephen Barrett, and his dubious website (, get quoted in the media, so often?"

That question is definitely on the minds of thinkers in the North American Health Freedom Movement. After all, it just doesn't make any sense for American media to offer the blatherings of a failed MD, operating out of his basement, as legitimate comment on the American health scene. 

The obvious thought, first to mind, is that "big pharma owns the media..."

Nope. That's not what's happening. The answer, is a little, but not a lot, more complicated.

I Own the FDA (Revisited)...

September 6th, 2003 - This is an IMPORTANT article for the North American Health Freedom Movement. I've got NEW information on "the quackbuster conspiracy" and how they operate. I've found a tactic they've hidden very well, until now. I have found their secret weapon.

August 19th, 2003 - I'll bet you didn't know that I own the FDA.  It's mine.

It belongs to me because several years ago American citizens, just like you and me, figured out that we, as Americans, needed a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to deal with some issues.  We felt we needed an ongoing agency, under our control, to keep an eye on some particular thingsSo we created the FDA to do our bidding.  We gave it a mission.

I'm sure you've already figured out, that it's YOURS too, if you're a US citizen.

"Cry havoc and Loose the Dogs of War"

August 14th, 2003 - In the United States, the drug lords prevail.

So far...

26 drug companies fund the "quackbuster" operation.  But now, because of the actions of one man, we have the opportunity to pull the financial rug out from under the most evil enemy America has ever faced, the very group that has dedicated itself to the financial ruin, and the illness, and death, of North America's population - big pharma.

Health Care: Behind the Scenes...

August 6th, 2003 - I'm an early riser. No matter where I am in the world, 5:00am rolls me out of bed. So, there I was in Midtown Manhattan this last week, staring out of my hotel room window into the pre-dawn darkness wondering where I'm going to find a cup of coffee without paying room-service $30. There is NO coffee that good...

Shave, shower, and at 5:10am I'm out into New York's early morning - into a different world.

State of Wisconsin Busts Quackbuster  Employee... NAET Vindicated...

July 29th, 2003 - Things are fermenting in the cheese State.

The State of Wisconsin is taking positive steps to rid itself of the influence of the quackusters.  Yesterday, Governor James Doyle's appointee, Donsia Strong Hill, Secretary of the Department of Regulation & Licensing (DORL) announced the reversal, by her office, of a decision of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) under her command. 

State of Wisconsin Mauling Quackbusters...

July 28th, 2003 - Things are not going well for the quackpot menace.

The Reedsburg Independent newspaper ran an article last Thursday quoting from a joint press release from Senator Dale Schultz, and Representative Sheryl Albers from the Third District of the Wisconsin legislature. You can read the whole article by clicking here. But here's a sample:

AS WE SEE IT - Jerry Falwell Attacks Life Extension Foundation

Guest Editorial By William Faloon -

July 24th, 2003 - Note:  This is a LONG article FULL of information important to the North American Health Freedom Movement.  Take the time to read it all.  You'll be glad you did. - Tim Bolen

Federal Prison For Quackbusters?

July 24th, 2003 - Official Health care in North America is a disaster.  It is designed "not to work," INTENTIONALLY.  In Official Health care America, nobody ever gets "cured" of anything - only "treated."  The system feeds massive amounts of cash into the hands of the greedy - with little, or no benefit to Americans.

The "approved" medical system in America is called the drugs/surgery paradigm. In it, all medical care is made up of ONLY drugs or surgery offerings.  It is all very expensive, and outside of the Emergency Room, it's nearly useless.

Day Two:  The Proper Way to Treat a Quackbuster...

July 17th, 2003 Madison, Wisconsin - At the end of "Day One" of the trial (cross-examination) of top "quackbuster" Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, the Judge called in the attorneys for a short meeting.  In essence he said "Enough is enough. This has gone on too long. There's no reason to go on with this farce.  I want the defense to wrap up their cross-examination by 11:00am, the prosecutor to finish re-direct by 12:00 noon, and after lunch we're going to settle this case."

The quackbuster's last assault, the attack against Green Bay Physician Eleazar Kadile MD, their last attempt at glory, has been stopped DEAD in it's tracks.  All that's left is the settlement agreement, and the punishment that's going to be exacted on the perpetrators.

Day One:  Bobbie Sweats Thru His K-Mart Suit...

July 16th, 2003 - When top quackbuster Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD walked up the Wisconsin's Department of Regulation (DORL) hallway towards hearing room 291, at 8:55am, and saw me (Tim Bolen) standing there talking to a uniformed Capitol Police officer, Arthur Thexton, the DORL attorney, almost had to carry Baratz the last fifty feet into the room.  Baratz looked like a death row prisoner heading towards the gas chamber.

Good comparison.

Happy Birthday Bobbie!!! - Surprise Party Planned...

July 10th, 2003 - The Wisconsin trial (cross-examination) of Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD has been moved one day, and will now begin on July 15th, 2003, and extend through July 17th, 2003.  Baratz will be questioned, for three full days, on his credibility and the claims he made on his resume.  Baratz's resume seems to be a fantasy world of his own devising, as investigation doesn't bear out his claims.

Why the hold-up?  On Friday, July 11th, Baratz will be testifying against a Physical Therapist in New York on behalf of a patient claiming malpractice,  and since he tends to go on, and on, and on, and on, and on - it was decided, by the Judge, to start on the Wisconsin case on Tuesday, instead of Monday.

The first day of the trial, Tuesday, July 15th, will be Bobbie's 57th birthday.  We're planning a SPECIAL celebration, with some special surprises...  He'll remember his 57th birthday for the rest of his life.  I promise. 

For Quackbuster's NCAHF - It's All Over But The Shouting...

July 9th, 2003 - The Quackbuster Flagship sank today.  A Three Judge California Appeals Court broad-sided it.  Let's all go watch it slide under the waves.  Bring a bottle of wine and some paper cups.

We already know that the quackbusters have ZERO credibility with the American court system.   So it's not going to be a surprise to anyone that the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), today, lost the decision they appealed over the case called "NCAHF v. Botanical laboratories, et al." 

Here are the the Three Judge Panel's words...

The Quackbuster's Newest Scam - "Operation Cure-All"...

July 7th, 2003 - I need to make something clear.  DO NOT, for a minute, think that the quackpot soldiers you see, like Stephen Barrett, and Robert Baratz, are running  the whole quackbuster operation. They are not bright enough.  They are the ones the quackbuster paymasters want us all to see.  They're the front men. They've got their function, but it's only part of the game.

I think the whole "Quackbuster" conspiracy, and I have documents that back up my thinking, is being run out of a conference room at a pharmaceutical advertising agency in New York City. It's there that all the decisions, and plans are made, about where to focus the campaign, who to attack, and what cards to play in each attack. It's there that the checks are written. 

The Mercury-Free Dentistry Movement...  Saving North America...

July 3rd, 2003 - Come out and play with the big kids on July 11, 2003...  another victory in sight. You're invited. 

I like working with the Dental Division of the North American Health Freedom Movement.  Attend one of their high-energy meetings, and you'll see why.  They're like the Eveready Bunny, in a bunch... Nice people, too. Hard-charging, these are the people who make American Dental Association leadership, and attorneys, take Valium, so they can sleep at night.

These are the people who, a few years ago, when the California Dental Board, acting like arrogant quackbusters, refused to issue a Dental Fact Sheet, to their patients, that complied with California's toxic substances law (the Watson Law), simply went to the legislature, and got the WHOLE DENTAL BOARD tossed out on the street.

I'm impressed.

How Do You Trap A Quackbuster?

July 3rd, 2003 - It's easy.  You set out cheese.  

Our project in Wisconsin is a prime example of how to deal with quackbusters, correctly, and efficiently.  First, understand who, and what, you're dealing with.  Once you know that, you've installed a ring in their nose, which you can use to lead them to their end.  That's what we're doing to Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, the current President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) in Wisconsin.

Quackbusters are so arrogant, and predictable, by nature, that it's easy to lead them to their downfall.  Individually, they're like one of those pull-string dolls I bought for my kid when she was three years old.  Pull the string and you get a message like "I'm going to be a big girl some day."  And then it wets it's diaper. 

Quackpot Baratz goes on trial in Wisconsin July 14th, 2003...

June 28th, 2003 - It won't be long now...

Soon we'll get to see the President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) crying his eyes out in a courtroom again.   Whimpering, and stuttering, his way through "expert testimony" (I have a video tape) last October 2002 in Wisconsin, Robert S.Baratz MD, DDS. PhD., broke into crocodile tears, snuffling out "I was a paper boy at eight and a half years old.  Then I was a boy scout (sniff, sniff).  Then I got the order of the arrow (snuffle, snort),"  Baratz did everything but wet his pants when confronted about his expertise, and his credibility.

Quackpot Barrett Crushed in Federal Court - Again...

June 25th, 2003 - Some people never learn.  Stephen Barrett ( seems to be one of those.

Despite loss after loss, and humiliation on top of humiliation, self styled "quackbuster" Stephen Barrett trudges on to the next embarrassment.  

Like a bug in the fast lane,  Barrett is doomed to be wiped off the windshield of the North American Health Freedom Movement time after time, I guess.

California Appeals Court BLUDGEONS Quackbusters...

April 23, 2003 - A California Appeals Court, yesterday, April 22, 2003, bludgeoned the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and their whole argument about what constitutes good and bad health care.   The quackbuster's operating theme, the argument they use against alternative proponents, came under a major American Court's scrutiny.  The Court, basically, in their decision, said the the quackbuster's arguments were hogwash, and they had no business meddling in California's system.

The Court also declared that top quackbusters Stephen Barrett (, and Wallace Sampson MD (Scientific Review of Alternative and Aberrant Medicine)  "were found to be biased and unworthy of credibility."  

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Quackbuster Scorned...

March 22, 2003 - It's tough being a quackbuster these days. They get no respect. Why should they?  

The North American public has identified the true intent of the stumbling, bumbling mini-cult that years ago, pompously paraded itself across North America as "The Quackbusters."  Now, most places, they're a joke.  And, they don't seem to like that...

Health Care in North America - The Real Issue is "Suppression."

March 8th, 2003 - Let's talk about my friend, and health activist, Ed McCabe...  A man with answers.

Every day we read articles about how bad the health care system is in the United States.  Those articles are all frighteningly true.  It's an American scandal.  Things are so bad, Americans are learning to take care of themselves rather than risk seeing a doctor, or going to a hospital. 

We talk about how the costs of health care are rising.  We talk about how insurance costs are going up.  We talk about malpractice suits.  We talk about the fact that "the system" is the third largest killer of Americans.  We talk about how our population is overloaded with prescription drugs -  Seniors are spending their food money at the pharmacy, and they're spending their liver and their kidneys in dealing with the combined drugs.  We talk about how bad the scientific community is being manipulated by those holding the research purse-strings.

Quackbuster Removed From California State Job...

February 27th, 2003 - A large slice of the United States population relies on Medicare, and medical insurance, to provide them with health care.. That's a problem - a big one... Because, if you're unfortunate enough to have to rely on Medicare - you're relying on practices and procedures FIFTEEN YEARS OUT OF DATE. In the case of Medical Insurance - probably TEN YEARS OUT OF DATE.

Who wants that?

New things simply aren't paid for in the Medicare and medical insurance world. Everything Medicare and medical insurance has to offer has to undergo an "approval process" before it can be paid for. The approval process maintains the status quo - and that's not good for the American consumer.

So, we the American consumer, have found solutions elsewhere.

Quackbusters Massively Crushed in California Court...

February 22nd, 2003 - This story is a belly laugh - unless, of course you're a quackbuster...  Then, maybe it's not so funny.

December 12th, 2003 was the day when a Rancho Cucamonga, California, jury of twelve delivered their verdict in a trial called Hendricksen vs. Metabolife.  The Judge was Jeffrey King, who was conducting his last trial before he was appointed to the California Appeals Court bench.

The trial had taken six weeks -  30 full days of trial.  In the end, it was no contest.  The jury voted in favor of the defendant, Metabolife. 

On the plaintiff's side was the quackbuster's favorite attorney Christopher Grell from Oakland, California.  On the defendant's side were competent, thoughtful, attorneys with social conscience, who cared about their clients and the people of California.

The star witness for the Plaintiff was none other than National Council Against Health Fraud's (NCAHF) president Robert S. Baratz, MD, DDS, PhD, who took the time from his busy schedule at his Boston area hair removal salon to come to California to "do in" the big bad guy defendant Metabolife, and permanently deter them from their evil ways of selling supplements to Californians.  Sarcasm intended.

Tommy Thompson sides with "Health Freedom" on MAJOR issue...

January 27th, 2003 - I've got the BIGGEST story in North American Health Freedom, EVER.  Here it is.

The conventional medicine stranglehold on health care has been broken - period.  It was done in Health & Human Services Director Tommy Thompson's office on January 16th, 2003 when Thompson SIGNED the approvals to use a new billing code system called ABC Codes in HIPAA transactions.

I told you the Bush administration was on the side of "health" before.  Some of you doubted.  Here's another example...

Quackbusters in BIG Court trouble...

January 21, 2003 - The bell is tolling for the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), it's president Robert S. Baratz, it's vice-president de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett (, and the rest of the board members. Maybe even the membership. They are in the final days in a California Appeals Court, and it doesn't look good for them.

New England Journal of Medicine Hammers Chemo, Applauds Alternative Cancer Therapy...

December 26th, 2002 - Times are a-changin' in the US Health community.  Who would have believed that the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine would APPLAUD an Alternative Cancer Therapy, and in the same article, BLAST chemotherapy, as worthless. 

Well, it happened... in the December 12th, 2002 issue,

Bush Administration Embraces "Health"...

December 20, 2002 - The whole premise of the "quackbuster" movement has been destroyed by the Bush Administration.  It's over for Barrett and company.

Below is a press release from our friend in Washington, attorney and health activist, Jonathan Emord.  It is self-explanatory.  The decision described is far reaching.  It means, simply, that in the war between Health and Medicine in the US, the Bush Administration has sided with "Health."

Top "Quackbuster" Bobbie Baratz Under Scrutiny in Wisconsin...

Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - The sleeping giant of Health Freedom is awakening in Wisconsin.  Here's why...

Last year apparently, the State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing (DORL), hired Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, the current President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) ( to be the "Do All, Be All, Health Expert" for the State.  Bobbie is evaluating cases for Wisconsin - and is apparently recommending who to prosecute, and what for.

It is not known how much money Baratz has been paid, so far, by Wisconsin, but Baratz recently was able, he claims (by his own testimony in deposition), to have purchased an entire health center in Braintree, Massachusetts in which he only has to work four hours a week...

Hell Burns a Little Brighter This Week...

November 22, 2002 - Self-styled quackbuster, and anti-health manipulator, Victor Herbert died of Cancer November 19th, 2002.  Herbert, described by many in the Health Freedom Movement as "a raving maniac" hasn't been seen much in the last few years.  Herbert had obtained notoriety among the quackbuster rank and file for his literal SCREAMING attacks, in public, against anything, and anybody, engaged in Alternative Medicine. 

Like most quackbusters, when confronted with demands to back up their anti-health claims with "science," Herbert would get even more shrill.  Quackbusters, as a whole, don't generally understand scientific principles, and don't seem to understand the scientific method.  Generally speaking, I've found that most quackbusters aren't all that bright.  Their leadership seems to have "personal failure in their own profession" as their hallmark.

The Public Humiliation of One of Barrett's Parrotts - by a Federal Judge...

November 13, 2002 - Quackbuster propagandist, failed MD Stephen Barrett, lost his very first court case suing one of his critics in US Federal court last week.  It was a belly laugh.  Barrett, who sues easily those disagreeing with his opinions vouchsafed on his ludicrous website, has never had to, actually, go to trial before.  Finally, when he did, he got literally thrashed.  This was the case where the tire met the road.

What's interesting about the case was Barrett's total lack of support from what he'd like us to believe is his support network.  Have you ever leafed through Barrett's website and seen his lists of so-called advisors?  How about his lists of attorneys?  What about those government agencies?  If these are supposedly Barrett's network, where were they during the case?

I think, now, we've come to the truth of the matter...

Barrett Gets His Come-Uppance - In Federal Court...

November 7, 2002 - Shunned by his fellow MDs in Pennsylvania's LeHigh Valley, Stephen Barrett had been forced to shut down his "Psychiatry" practice in  1993 - the "Referrals" were getting a little slim. Now, Barrett operates a tawdry little "quackbusting" business out his basement in Allentown, PA.  His flagship is his website "".   There, he spews hatred, calling it Consumer Advocacy, of his betters in the health profession - and offers to testify to his ludicrous claims for money. 

Of course, like a cornered rat defending his last position,

Homeopathy - A Success Story for 2002...

October 6, 2002 - It wasn't that long ago that top Quackbusters (quackpots) Stephen Barrett and Bobbie Baratz used the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) to sue fifteen Homeopathic product manufacturers, in California, absurdly claiming that "since Homeopathy has never been scientifically proven, it was health fraud."  The quackpot presentation, in those lawsuits, was so poor, their arguments so asinine, it left Los Angeles Superior Court Judges almost rolling on the floor with laughter. 

Governor Signs New California Health Freedom Bill -  State Now "Wide Open."

September 24, 2002 - Today, September 24, 2002, is a very important date in Health Freedom History.  For today, California Governor Gray Davis signed into law the most important Health Freedom bill in world history - California SB 577.  The paragraph below contains PART of the language in the bill.  For Californians, section (c), below makes health care "wide open."  Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Nutritionists, etc., are now free to offer services, without harassment.  

Quackpot Barrett is Finished - We Need to Find His Paymaster...

September 11th, 2002 - Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett operates his questionable website out of his basement in Allentown Pennsylvania.  Barrett claims to be a "retired Psychiatrist" but was never, ever, Board Certified in that specialty. It has also been shown that Barrett is NOT licensed as a Naturopath in any state - and doesn't even have a mail-order degree in that subject.

I have followed the bizarre activities of Stephen Barrett for some time, and after scrutiny of his operation, I've come to some conclusions.  Frankly, I've run the gauntlet of conclusions, from A to H, as I gleaned more and more information about the dubious "doctor."  At first glance I thought Stephen was a candidate for Thorazine treatment.   For, his opinions, all centered around the central theme that "nothing new in health care should ever used, or even be researched - unless 'I personally' approve it," to me, considering his professional qualifications, says that Stevie suffers from delusions of grandeur.

But then, as more information came in,

" Pimple Popper" Polevoy, Pustulates...

July 4, 2002 - Sometimes the "quackpot menace" just makes me laugh. I can't help it.

I realize that, in general, there cannot be, anything really "funny" about the EVIL these people represent. But, sometimes, some of their leadership does something so stupid, so mindlessly inept, I just have to take time out for a belly-laugh. Canada's excuse for a "quackbuster," Ontario's primo pimple doctor, Terry Polevoy, gets today's hoot.

I'll tell you why in a minute...

"The Tables Have Turned" On the Quackbusters...

Friday, May 10, 2002 - The "Quackbusters," a sham, and scam, organization held together for the express purpose of denying real health care to Americans, has been hit VERY HARD once again. This time, again, in California.

This time, the "defense" in a court case set it up so there was an immediate, and severe, penalty attached to the "Quackbuster" attack against their client(s). I see financial ruin of the top "Quackbusters" on the horizon. I'm very pleased.

Helicopter Gunships are Inappropriate at a Medical Board Meeting...

April 16, 2002 - A large segment of California's general public woke up last Sunday morning to find that their very own Medical Board of California (MBC) seemed to be "suddenly" under investigation by both houses of the State Legislature, and the Governor's office, with the intention of forcing them to clean up their act. The Orange County Register, California's third largest newspaper, on that date, began the first of a series, dedicated to exposing the sheer corruption, the rank incompetence, and the bumbling pompous-ass-ity of the Medical Board of California (MBC).

The Medical Board of California (MBC) is in BIG trouble...

April 13, 2002 - Health Freedom activists are once again joining forces with State Legislators to solve a problem. This time it's the Medical Board of California (MBC). California is the fifth largest stand-alone economy in the world. We here, want first rate health care - and we want it right now - and we'll do what it takes to get it.

In California, there is a formula you can use to compute the IQ of a Medical Board Investigator. Take their sleeve length, add it to their neck size - then, deduct one point for every bullet they carry on their person...

California Medical Board Appointees "In Shock" over Accusations...

Sunday, May 12, 2002 - On May 1, 2002, the California Legislature, angered at poor performance described by consumers, ordered an "Enforcement Monitor" on the operation of the Medical Board of California. An independent contractor, hired specifically for this task, will report to higher-ups in the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The 18 appointed members of the Medical Board of California (MBC) were called into an emergency meeting Wednesday, April 24, 2002 in San Diego and asked to answer 115 questions about their "board operation" before the May 1, 2002 meeting of the State of California combined-legislative "Sunset Review" committee.

They (the appointed members) were in shock - no doubt about it. They were unable to comply with the Legislature's demand.

Ill Wind In Illinois... For Quackpot Barrett

March 10, 2002 - Good triumphs over Evil - one more time...

Quackpots all over North America have to be gritting their teeth in anger, suffering the embarrassment of their leader's NEWEST defeat.

Stephen Barrett, who brags he's written 49 books, and declares he's "an expert in the fields of peer review. psychotherapy, fraudulent health claims, the scientific standards for proof of health claims, and the 'alternative' health marketplace," was, this week LAUGHED OUT OF an Illinois court.

Cowardly "Quackbusters" DISMISS Case to Avoid Being DEPOSED?...

February 23, 2002 - The self-styled "quackbusters" have LOST ANOTHER court case in California... This time, before they even went to trial. And, it looks to me, that they lost it INTENTIONALLY to avoid having their leadership legally "deposed."

Last year, to hear the "quackbusters" talk, you'd have thought they'd found, and activated, the perfect plan to rid the world of what THEY define as "quackery."

Health Freedom: The shift to "offense"...

February 16, 2002 - I've always said that members of the North American Health Freedom Movement are the kind of people who are welcome in my living room anytime. I've never met a better class of warm, caring, sensitive, socially conscious, socially responsible, and CAPABLE humans anywhere, than in the Health Freedom Movement. In the movement, and in its people, I see the essence of America - the values instilled in us in youth - those handed down from our forefathers.

Quackpots Lose AGAIN, in Florida... 

January 26, 2002 - When Stephen Barrett blew it in California, and humiliated the entire "quackbuster" conspiracy, over the homeopathic case, it looked as if Bobbie Baratz was moving into the number one quackpot spot.

But then, Bobbie was called to the test, himself - in Florida. And, Bobbie didn't test well. You can read about Bobbie's "test" by going to, and clicking on the box that says "Those Opinion Pieces." Look for the article called "Florida Dental Board Backs Down..."

Poor Bobbie - and he was so-o-o-o-o confident. He blew it badly, in Florida - and got the "quackbusters" laughed at all over again.

Florida Dental Board Backs Down...

January 19, 2002 - I love it when a plan comes together...

The people of the State of Florida, WERE in imminent danger, until yesterday, January 18, 2001. Not from a terrorist attack, not from a hurricane, but from a source few would suspect - their friendly, neighborhood dentist. And that dentist - held hostage - was going to be forced to cooperate, in what some Health Freedom activists characterize as "the forcing of a known deadly toxin into our bodies"

Everyone in the world knows that MERCURY is a deadly poison, and...

Quackpot's Top Attorney says "I Consider Suicide Daily..."

January 15, 2002 - Honest to God - I'm not making this up...

I make no secret that, to me, "the quackbusters," as humans, leave much to be desired. Their leadership, it appears to me, is a radioactive conglomeration of loose nuts bolted together to screw the American public. Their rank and file seems to have an average IQ of 52.

You've got to wonder what kind of an attorney these people would engage. Well, I didn't need to do the research about that. A Los Angeles newspaper that specializes in legal issues and stories, did it for me. And, I'm literally in shock at their findings.

Quackbuster Baratz and Barrett Both Hiding Under the Bed...

January 15, 2002 - The quackbusters are on the run. The smell of fear is in the air. Quackpot leaders are in hiding - avoiding subpoenas. And there is no way out for them.

California Judge Lambastes Quackpots...

December 29, 2001 - Good wins again, in the war against Evil.

Judge Haley Fromholz of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Hill Street) came to work one day last October, 2001 to find a case on his desk called "The National Council Against Health Fraud vs. King Bio Pharmaceuticals." Little did Judge Fromholz know that this case, and his decision in this case, would be driving one more nail into the "quackbuster" coffin. An important nail.

On December 17th, 2001 Judge Fromholz delivered his signed decision in the case. And, he didn't say ANYTHING good about the quackbusters. You can read his decision, word for word, by going to the front page of, and clicking on "A Judge's View of the Quackbusters." I've taken the liberty of highlighting important parts of the Judges's decision in blue.

Quackbuster Bobbie Baratz is Hiding Under the Bed...

December 29, 2001 - When it was time to testify in front of the Senate committee on anti-aging a few months ago, Mrs. Baratz's little boy Bobbie rose to his full 4' 9" stature, and pranced and preened his way into the hearing room proclaiming his new appointment as "President and Executive Director of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF)." He literally had "diarrhea of the mouth" proclaiming his expertise in all things health-wise. THEN, he had a lot to say...

But that was THEN, this is now...

Quackpot Barrett LOSES Motion for Reconsideration ~ Rosenthal's SLAPP Motion Upheld

December 29, 2001 - I'll bet the Judge's laughter, when he read Barrett's so-called Motion, could be heard all around the bay area... Barrett never learns, I guess. He still thinks HE makes the rules.

Read the whole AMUSING story at "Breaking News" at

Disruption of "Alt-Med" discussion groups...

December 29, 2001 - We need your help...

It has come to our attention that several "Alt-Med" discussion groups have been invaded by the nastier of the "quackbuster" ilk. We are told that when a discussion begins on these lists, specific people log-on and virulently attack the discussion members.

It has been pointed out to us that these activities could be evidence of an organized conspiracy, and would be useful in a court case in California targeting these conspirators.

We would appreciate contact on this subject with the express purpose of developing an evidentiary chain. It is not necessary to identify the originator of these messages - only to compile them. We have experts available that can find ANYONE, no matter how well they try to hide.

"Quackbuster" INFIGHTING, for Barrett's Throne, HEATS Up...

December 14th, 2001 - There was a day, I'm sure, when NOBODY could have pushed delicensed MD Stephen Barrett ( aside as the undisputed king of the "quackbuster" crazies. But that day is GONE.

Even though the old boy still lives, his stooges are already dividing up his clothes. And, there isn't a thing he can do about it. He's powerless. His hairpiece is askew - and he doesn't even notice.

The fight to succeed Stevie on the QUACKPOT throne is bitter and vicious.

Barrett OUSTED(?) as Chief Quackpot?

November 18, 2001 - It looks to me like delicensed MD Stephen Barrett may be looking at his last days leading the "quackbuster conspiracy" in North America. I think he's going to be ousted, and replaced, with Robert S. Baratz MD DDS, PhD (Bobbie Baratz). It may have already happened - and Barrett may not even be aware of it...

Right now, the "quackbusters" in North America, must think somebody stuck a "kick me" sign on their backs - for that's exactly what's happening to them - and, it's well deserved. And, it's all happened under Barrett's watch.


 November 3, 2001 - There was a day when the "quackbusters" were a force to reckon with. But now, they've been beaten so soundly, in so many places, over so many issues, that they have no credibility left. They are, simply, nothing to fear. Their teeth have been pulled.

The court case they recently lost in California, "Homeopath Smashes 'Quackpot Menace' in California," was more than just one more victory for the forces of good. It was a MILESTONE in the war against quackbuster evil.

Homeopath Smashes "Quackpot Menace" in California...

October 28, 2001 - Failed MD Stephen Barrett ran home to Pennsylvania last Friday with his tail lodged FIRMLY between his legs (so to speak).

In probably his MOST HUMILIATING defeat to date, Barrett and his toadies at the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) were handed an unvarnished, unsophisticated kick in their privates (again, so to speak) by a California Superior Court Judge who had no sympathy, or appreciation, what-so-ever, for Barrett, et al's, claim to "expertise" in what makes up "quackery" in North America.

It was a belly laugh to watch.

Health Freedom Wins a BIG ONE...

October 26, 2001 - Health Activists all over North America can celebrate a major victory - one long overdue. The issues they have been carrying alone have reached the attention of the heavily armed warrior class - the big-litigation attorneys. That, in itself, is a victory.

The Cavalry showed up...

Hulda Clark puts “the Quackbusters" ON TRIAL in North America...

October 2, 2001 - Note: Attached to this writing is a Letter from Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD, ND., to the “North American Health Freedom Movement."

It is time to turn the tables on the quackbusters. 

All of you are aware that an organization calling itself “the quackbusters” has organized attacks against thousands of caring, concerned health professionals - those that disdain expensive (and mostly useless) allopathic modalities, in favor of remedies that actually work. Hulda Clark PhD, ND is one of those under attack - And, the quackbusters flay at her with madness: the obvious intent of stopping her research, discrediting her, and stopping publication of her books about self health.

Quackpot Barrett May Have To Sell His Basement...

September 1, 2001 - California law is VERY clear on the fate of those caught filing SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) against honest California citizens expressing their opinions on social issues, and exercising their First Amendment rights. California legislators couldn't care less what a subversive group working out of a basement in Allentown, PA, THINKS the law should be. The law is clear - you get caught abusing a California court process to harass a Californian - you pay - and you pay damn quick.

And if you don't pay damn quick? California Judges can, and do, issue CONTEMPT citations. With this they can send law enforcement officers, with shackles, to round up those that ABUSE California courts.

Quackpot menace BLOWN AWAY in Florida...

August 26, 2001 - Stephen Barrett, and his stumbling minions, have lost ANOTHER major battle...

It happened quickly, like a hurricane building off the coast. Before anyone realized it, a whole Stateful of people were contacting their legislators demanding action. And, action they got... The Florida Legislature acted.

Quackpot Menace "Left Their Heart In San Francisco..."

August 8, 2001 - The "quackbuster conspiracy" is having a "bad day" in America - EVERY day. Anyone, and everybody, that takes them on seems to beat them EASILY. This time the victory was in San Francisco - and a SWEET one it was...

The bottom line - the "quackbusters" are a paper tiger - all sound and fury - and absolutely NO bite.

Quackbusters Barrett, Baratz, SQUISHED(?) in Canadian Court...

August 5, 2001 - De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, and Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, slithered into a Canadian Court last month with every intent of sinking their fangs into the top Public Relations company in North America in the anti-mercury amalgam movement. But now, Barrett and Baratz, must think they got run over by a fleet of cement trucks, as they slithered out of the courthouse (so to speak).

Barrett's "Back" BROKEN (figuratively speaking)...

August 2, 2001 - Say goodbye to the "HealthFraud Discussion list." The lid's been put on the cesspool.

In a message, the other day, members of the "HealthFraud Discussion List" were informed that the list would cease operation August 31st, 2001. They didn't say why they were shutting the list down. But, I suspect that it's because they got named in the lawsuit filed against Barrett, et al, by New Century Press (NCP). Details of the suit can be found at Commentary at

What do you bet they have "An Accident" with the archives - all those years of evidence, "accidently" deleted?

Quackpot Menace STEAMROLLERED in California...

August 2, 2001 - The North American Health Freedom Movement is delivering a crushing defeat to the minions of dubious conventional health care. In California this Tuesday June 26th, 2001 is a LANDMARK action on the part of GOOD, in the battle against EVIL.

On Tuesday, June 26th, 2001, the California Senate Health subcommittee is holding a hearing for the express purpose of SHUTTING DOWN THE CALIFORNIA DENTAL BOARD.

I think they should do exactly that...

Smoking Out Barrett's PAYMASTER...

July 26, 2001 - De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett (and several of his henchmen) got sued last Monday, July 23, 2001 in Alameda Superior Court in California. The quackbusters were charged, among other things, with Racketeering (RICO), Violation of Civil Rights, Abuse of Process, and Malicious Prosecution.

And, it's only the beginning...

"Quackbuster" Barrett LOSES in California Court...

May 22, 2001- I beat delicensed MD Stephen Barrett in Court last week. It was ridiculously EASY... (yawn).

Barrett, who operates out of his Allentown, PA basement, is apparently trying to silence me through intimidation, by sort of suing me.

Sort of? Yeah, sort of... Keep reading.

Barrett, his minions, and his antics, give me a good laugh. The word INEPT comes strongly to mind...

Dinner with CHARLIE BROWN...

May 13, 2001 - Thursday, May 10th, 2001, in San Diego was the day the California Dental Board got "the word." And, it wasn't "the word" they wanted to hear. It was delivered loudly, and clearly.

The message was simple - STOP MERCURY FROM GOING INTO CALIFORNIAN'S MOUTHS - and do it right now, or face prosecution.

Washington attorney CHARLIE BROWN (no peanuts) headed up the message delivery squad - and he eloquently described the issue, and the history of the problem. And as he said once, during his delivery, when being interrupted by the Board President (for the third or fourth time) "I need to get this on the record."

FLASH!! Barrett's personal attorney ABANDONS lawsuit...

April 27, 2001 - De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett ( is having trouble holding it all together lately. His ship is sinking... Even his personal attorney isn't sticking around.

Christopher Grell, PROMINENTLY listed on Barrett's website at, has formally WITHDRAWN (well, sort of...) from a Barrett-originated action - claiming "lack of cooperation."

Barrett solicits Plaintiffs, using his questionable "quackwatch" website, against leading-edge health professionals who spurn the use of dangerous drugs, in favor of more natural approaches.

Quackbuster "expert witness" may be charged with PERJURY in Florida Case...

March 31st, 2001- Massachusetts "Quackbuster" Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD hopped on a plane last January, from Boston to Florida, to show up in a West Palm Beach courtroom as a "surprise rebuttal witness" in the Florida Dental Board vs Phillips case.

What a belly laugh that was. Baratz made a total ass out of himself during the deposition, then walked out when he didn't like the questions he was being asked. And, after the dust settled, the story got even better...

Seems Baratz had a MAJOR problem, during the deposition testimony, staying within the bounds of truth. So much so that PERJURY charges may be on the horizon.

Quackpot Menace MASHED in California...

March 20, 2001 - California is the newest, and biggest, victory for Americans against the quackbuster conspiracy (the quackpot menace). California, as it does in many social issues, will, in this issue, begin the domino effect across America.

The "quackbusters" have lost... it's just a matter of time.

Why? Because quackbuster strategies are back-firing, and their tactics have been successfully turned against them. And, Health Freedom Fighters outnumber them 100,000 to 1.


February 28, 2001 - The "Quackpot Menace" in the United States is floundering. Chief quackpot Stephen Barrett ( has been lashing out in desperation, trying to save the remains of his internet business. Hate-mongering, in the new millenium, apparently, has a limited appeal. Barrett's internet business consists primarily of painting American leading-edge health humanitarians with the brush of "quackery." I believe him to be funded by some of the sleazier operators within the Medical-Industrial Complex


January 18, 2001 - Subject: A precedent setting “Landmark Case” is going on in Florida. The “Health Freedom Movement” has taken a significant interest in it. It is precedent setting because the support network operating behind the scenes intends to make an example out of the Florida State employees involved.

Health Freedom activists feel that the dental establishment, backed by the “Quackbusters,” really messed this one up, and there is an opportunity to make them pay DEARLY for their mistakes.

Officially, the case is called “The Florida Dental Board vs Phillips.”

Disruption of "Alt-Med" discussion groups...

December 29, 2000 - We need your help...

It has come to our attention that several "Alt-Med" discussion groups have been invaded by the nastier of the "quackbuster" ilk. We are told that when a discussion begins on these lists, specific people log-on and virulently attack the discussion members.

It has been pointed out to us that these activities could be evidence of an organized conspiracy, and would be useful in a court case in California targeting these conspirators.


November 14, 2000 - Stephen Barrett, a de-licensed MD, operating out of his basement in Allentown, PA, took issue with my opinion piece titled “The Last Days of The Quackbusters.”

Well, sort of...

CLARK UPDATE: The Figueroa vs. Clark case - WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING....

November 13, 2000 - Everyone in the American Health movement knows about the legal troubles (the Indiana case) dumped on Hulda Regehr Clark - and the outcome. What many don't know is that there is, and was, a plot to cause her these problems - and that there is one specific individual, a kingpin, an aging propagandist, behind it all. His name is Stephen Barrett, and he is a de-licensed MD, operating out of his basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett is now, and has been, conducting a "wild-eyed" onslaught against world health humanitarian Hulda Regehr Clark. PhD, ND.

Early in 1999, Barrett ordered his minions, including his personal attorney Christopher Grell, to mount an all-out, anything goes, attack against Clark.

Clark's books had been selling well, far better than Barrett's books.


September 19, 2000 - It was almost funny. Somewhere between a whine and a caterwaul...

The so-called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) issued one of its fatuous annunciations Saturday, June 10, 2000, proclaiming, once again, that anything “natural” in the field of health is some diabolical plot to murder America. Once again they declare that Americans are too dumb to make informed health decisions. American Health leaders derisively call the ACSH the American Council of Psuedo-Science and Anti-Health (ACPA).


September 19, 2000 - I have a “project” North American health freedom fighters can get their teeth into. Read this article - get angry - and then get involved. It’s all explained here - and the reasons to get involved are obvious. And, we made it easy... It is all done on the internet.

The “Touch of Health Radio Show” with Christine McPhee was shut down the other day

Of course Barrett couldn't provide that - for there are no legitimate scientific researchers that can back Barrett and Polevoy's asinine diatribe. I doubt if Barrett and Polevoy even know any scientists.

CLARK UPDATE: The Figueroa vs. Clark case - WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING....

November 13, 2000 - Everyone in the American Health movement knows about the legal troubles (the Indiana case) dumped on Hulda Regehr Clark - and the outcome. What many don't know is that there is, and was, a plot to cause her these problems - and that there is one specific individual, a kingpin, an aging propagandist, behind it all. His name is Stephen Barrett, and he is a de-licensed MD, operating out of his basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett is now, and has been, conducting a "wild-eyed" onslaught against world health humanitarian Hulda Regehr Clark. PhD, ND.

CPSO Investigates Polevoy (ROC45040)...

August 18, 2000 - The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has opened an investigation into the activities of Terry Polevoy MD. The Case number is ROC45040. If you have information to contribute to this investigation you may wish to refer to this number.

Tony Brown should have told Barrett and Polevoy: "You have the right to remain silent..."

June 25, 2000 - It is happening - and there is now, no way, Barrett can stop it.

Tune in to the Tony Brown Show today on PBS...

Tony Brown "invited" quackbuster scions Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy to rebut Hulda Clark's four-part series.

I believe Tony expected that Barrett, et al, would tap into the file of the million, or more, science-based health researchers in North America, and provide a "scientific rebuttal," or at least intelligent discussion about Clark's work.


June 22, 2000 - Barrett/Renner “Anti-Health Campaign” fizzles in Minnesota.

Minnesota recently passed, and signed into law, one of the most comprehensive health reform bills in the history of the United States.

The bill passes both houses of the State legislature with a huge majority, and was signed by the Governor despite a massive lobbying effort by what health leaders call "the minions of the drug barons."

Apparently, the people of the State of Minnesota woke up one morning and decided that they wanted “real health care” in their State. So they put a group together, wrote a definitive health bill, hand-carried it through the legislature, and up to the Governor’s desk, and said "Hey Jesse, sign here..." Jesse did.


June 12, 2000 - There shouldn’t have to be a “phase two,” for Doctor Hulda Regher Clark, but then - there shouldn’t have been a “phase one.” But, then, there always was “a plot” to destroy Dr. Clark’s efforts, and the conspirators didn’t give up just because they were humiliated in their attempt to have Dr. Clark falsely imprisoned.

The second phase of the Clark campaign is broken into two parts (1) dealing with the rest of the conspirator’s attack on Clark, and (2) frankly, we’re looking to put them out of that business... And, if we can prove, the motive and the “deep pockets” behind the so-called “quackbusters,” we’ll get Dr. Clark’s research funded for a very, very, very, very, very long time.

California Senate passes "Cancer Reform Bill" UNANIMOUSLY...

June 10, 2000 - The California State Senate, fed up with low quality "Standard of Practice" health care in the state, Friday, June 1, 2000, passed a Cancer Reform Bill sponsored by California Citizens For Health, and backed, not surprisingly, by the California Medical Association (CMA).

The bill eliminates the requirement in California that all cancer treatment be "limited to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery."

"Most Dangerous Woman in America" Feted in Toronto...

 March 11, 2000 - Chemotherapy and radiation industry CEOs can't sleep at night worrying about the research of Doctor Hulda Regher Clark, Phd, N.D.. North American Oncologists hesitate to buy that new yacht. Cancer hospital administrators are counting the number of cars in the parking lot, and wondering if they're going to be able to make the lease payments on the Mercedes, next month... 

“The Most Dangerous Woman in America,” Hulda Regehr Clark, Phd, Nd.

January 26, 2000 - PRESS RELEASE - for Immediate Release

Come One, Come meet conventional medicine’s idea of “The Most Dangerous Woman in America,” Hulda Regehr Clark, Phd, Nd. World renowned Clark is the controversial author of the top-selling books “The Cure For All Cancers, “The Cure For All Diseases.” The Cure For HIV/AIDS,” The Cure For Advanced Cancers.” Newly elected Brown County, Indiana Prosecutor James Oliver had re-activated a seven year old investigation of Clark and issued a warrant for her arrest in San Diego, CA.

Hulda Clark Campaign In High Gear...

November 7, 1999 - UPDATE - Hulda Clark gets two major awards.

Last week was an important week in the Clark campaign. Dr. Hulda Clark, PHD, received two major awards, one from an International Scientific organization, the other from a national self-styled consumer advocate group. Both groups apparently placed her as a world renowned humanitarian, a forward thinking scientist, and a hero in the health world.

THE FIRST AWARD, given at the tenth annual forum of the International Association of New Science

Florida Judge orders GRILLING of Quackbuster PERJURER(?)...

Prosecutors in the Florida Dental Board vs. Phillips case must of thought they'd struck a death blow to the Phillips' defense strategy when they brought in an "expert witness" named Robert S. Baratz MD DDS PhD as a "surprise rebuttal witness" against Phillips's superb defense witnesses. Baratz sounded great answering prosecutor questions.

Phillips's defense witnesses had been a literal "who's who" in North American leading edge health care. Baratz was there to counter them.

It worked exactly the opposite.

Subject: Formal Complaint - Terry Polevoy MD


Dear Ethics committee:

I have filed a formal complaint against one Terry Polevoy MD. I believe it important that you review this complaint, and its overall issue, in light of your own experiences with Polevoy, and comment to the CPSO on this issue.

It is time to deal with Polevoy, and his ilk... The complaint is as follows: