The ENEMIES of Health Freedom

The ENEMIES of Health Freedom...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


There really are "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters" worldwide.

But, there really are those, on Planet Earth, that work hard to maintain the "status quo" in health care.  No matter how much death, and destruction they cause.

Literally, millions of residents of Planet Earth, those who are tired of Big Pharma's murderous health policies, have already banded, or in the process of banding, together to solve problems.

Virtually every nation on Earth that has been subjected to the death and destruction of "Western Medicine," has, within its national boundaries, an angry group of righteous citizens sick (literally) and tired of being victimized by the most ruthless industrious cartel, the most vicious and inhuman attack on mankind, EVER - Big Pharma.

There are groups fighting general issues, defending specific paradigms, providing support for victims of unacknowledged diseases.  You name the problem - there is a group active to help.  In the left hand column you will find out who they are and how to make contact with them (us).

And, we are powerful...

But, there is a small, but well paid, opposition to innovation.  In almost every case those organization are financed by Big Pharma, directly, or indirectly.